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Aug 6, 2009 03:11 PM

Any Philly Cheesesteak's in SEA worth trying?

I have had my mouth set on a Philly Cheesesteak lately. Anyone have a rec on where to get a good one? It would be such a bonus if I could find one on the Eastside!

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      1. re: Lauren

        Another vote here for Philly Fevre. I've never been to Philadelphia, so I can't compare it to the real deal, but it's a darn good sandwich.

    1. Tat's Deli in the Pioneer Square area. There are quite a few good sandwiches there including a Philly.

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      1. re: BallardFoodie

        So I'm a big cheesesteak fan, have relatives in Philly. (The best ever came from a roach coach near University of Pennsylvania.)

        Tat's for Hoagies, absolutely. For Steaks, no. I'll throw in my vote for Philly Fevre as the best in Seattle. Stay far far away from Elo's.

        BTW, if there's no grease dripping down your hand 3/4 the way through, you have an inferior steak.

      2. If you are looking outside of the “traditional realm” Quinn’s has a f*#king awe inspiring tongue cheese steak sandwich right now. It ROCKS

        1. There was a Philly Cheesesteak hut right under the freeway overpass near the lightrail tracks along MLK Way south in Columbia City. I think it was called Original Phillys, but I never made it back that way. I remember it looked like a winner when we drove past.

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          1. re: Hanads

            Its still there but its under the lightrail tracks not the freeway. My husband---from outside Philly---likes it very very much. They also---and I understand this to be important for those in the know--sell those tandy cake things......

            1. re: jenn

              Wait, I'm confused.

              There's Elo's or something down below the freeway near the light rail tracks on Airport way. They suck.

              And then's the place I THINK you guys are thinking of right at the corner of MLK and Rainier near Franklin High School. (it's not in Columbia City, it's waaaay further north)
              Is this the place we're talking about? I believe it's related (or has some connection) to the old Philly's Best that was on 23rd and Union.

              1. re: GreenYoshi

                Elo's spelling (Phily Grill) made me nervous, but 20 years ago I ate there anyway. Once.

                1. re: GreenYoshi

                  Oh man, the old Philly's Best on 23rd and Union was unreal. That is exactly what I am looking for!!!

                  1. re: kgreig

                    I believe thats the place where the owner was murdered. It closed and never reopened.

                    and yes, I was thinking of the place near the Mt. Baker train station/Franklin High.

                    1. re: jenn

                      > and yes, I was thinking of the place near the Mt. Baker train station/Franklin High.

                      So how is this place? Do people besides Jenn's husband like it?

                      1. re: not the bad Steve

                        I've been there a couple of times, and it was a decent cheesesteak, but not one of the great sandwiches of my life. I haven't felt compelled to go back, like I do to Paseo for their cuban, but it satisfies the Philly craving.

                        1. re: not the bad Steve

                          We have been looking for a new cheesesteak place since Philly's Best on 23rd and Union closed for the second time (after the second owner was shot). We like Chicken Cheesesteak and these were as close as we have found to our old favorites!

                      2. re: kgreig

                        Try The Original Philly's on MLK Way and Ranier Ave S...Across from Franklin HS...the closest we have found...and we have been looking!

                      3. re: GreenYoshi

                        this is the closest to Philly's Best on 23rd and Union that we have ever found! I would not not be surprised to find that they were related in some way!

                  2. mmm, sounds like some great choices! Do you know what type of steak they use for the meat? I have seen so many debates about ribeye, shoulder, sirloin, etc...I am curious which truly reigns supreme.

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                    1. re: kgreig

                      In Philly I believe rib eye reigns supreme. Here I am not sure what the different places use. I prefer philly fevre but it can be inconsistent bc the ownership is always changing hands. The Original Philly on MLK and Rainer is a close second. I have had Tat's but it wasn't memorable. Elo's is a distant last.