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Aug 6, 2009 03:02 PM

How long would you pre-steam veggies for a stir fry?

I'm making a stir fry tonight with scallops, broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, snap peas and cuke. I think I need to pre-steam the broccoli and sweet potatoes, but I'm not sure how long so that they are cooked, but not mush when everything else is ready. What's best -- 2 minutes? five minutes? I don't want to just stir fry them sooner, as I use very little oil and it will be very (very!) hot, so the chance of these two veggies cooking that way without burning is slim. Thoughts?

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  1. Personally I would not steam the veggies. The sweet potatoes I would cut so they are match stick size. the broccoli I would just do later on in the cooking procedure. everything should come out fine.

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      Or you can cook the veggies in separate batches....then reincorporate to finish.

    2. I would never steam anything prior to stir frying. If you want to make any adjustment in the cooking process, brown your scallops and keep them warm until your stir fried vegetables are ready for them to be added. Just remember to cut all of your vegetable pieces about the same size, begin cooking the more dense veggie pieces (broccoli stems, potato pieces, etc.) first until partially cooked, then add the less dense veggies pieces progressively so that all are cooked to same level at the end of the preparation process. Either add the scallops to combine flavors toward the end or plate with scallops adorning the veggies.

      1. Ditto all of the above. You might also want to consider dropping the cukes. They throw off a lot of water, which can ruin any crusting you get on the scallops (if you cook them with the vegetables) and which you will have to deal with by either boiling off (and risk overcooking the stir-fry) or adding extra thickener.