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Aug 6, 2009 02:39 PM

Best Bakery/Baked Good Near Wagner College on Staten Island?

As my son returns to Wagner College on Staten Island in a few weeks, that gives me an opportunity to buy some outrageously yummy baked good to bring back home to Maryland. What should I get and where should I get it? Considering the ethnography of the Island, I guess that we are talking about an Italian bakery? Two places I have heard of, which look to be pretty close, are Cake Chef and Royal Crown. Whatever I get, it has to travel well. Suggestions appreciated, both as to the place and the product.

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  1. My favorite is Cake Chef. He has a place also called the Cookie Jar on Forest Ave (not far from his original place) and his stuff is off the charts for me. Royal Crown is a little more traditional Italian Bakery. Cake Chef is closed on Monday and Tuesdays. So don't go late on Sunday. They sell out quick and do not replenish as the day goes on.

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      Holterman's at 405 Arthur Kill Rd is a good old-fashioned bakery that has been around for a while. Its a bit of a trip from Wagner however.

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        Unfortunately, I think I may be there Monday and Tuesday, which would eliminate Cake Chef. On the other hand, according to the map, Holtermann's looks to be near the Costco, where I was planning to stop anyway.

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          I find Holterman's ok but nothing to knock your socks off and nothing you couldn't get in MD. Royal Crown has good bread and pretty good pasteries, but I'd have to second Eileen's post , RE: Cake Chef and Cookie Jar. They produce outrageous well priced cookies/cakes. If price is not an issue Mother Mousse has the most sinfully delicious, beautifully crafted cakes/cupcakes.
          Have a safe trip! :-)

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            Maybe I can prevail on my son to go up the weekend before (when Cake Chef is open). By the way, does anyone have a good link to the Cake Chef website? All I get when I try to go there ( is a hacked site that tries to install mal-ware on my computer. I did find the Cookie Jar site, but it doesn't give hours.

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              " I did find the Cookie Jar site, but it doesn't give hours."

              I was just at The Cake Chef yesterday. Picked up an incredibly delicious apple cheese horn and some scrumptious cookies.
              I don't think they have a web site,
              Try calling them (Info/reviews below).
              Just a word of caution; They sell until they're sold out. They don't repenish over the weekend so try to go early. Parking at the Cake Chef is difficult. Try parking around the corner or have someone with you.. It's a tiny there is often a line but their cakes/cookies are wonderful. Not that anything lasts that long but FYI, their cookies freeze very well. :-)



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        What a cute site.. I love it!

        1. re: Tay

          I went to this site yesterday, and it has already changed. The "order on line" and the "contact us" phone were not there--I swear it! Either I'm going crazy, or they are in the process of updating the site.

          1. re: pgreen

            "I went to this site yesterday, and it has already changed. The "order on line" and the "contact us" phone were not there--I swear it! Either I'm going crazy, or they are in the process of updating the site"
            If the task of readying a teenager to go back to school hasn't rendered you iinsane, I'd doubt this has. :-) I think in this day and age of the Internet we often forget our electronic "roots."
            Forget the site. Have a list of your questiions ready and just call them on the phone

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                I would say, "You're welcome" but my mouth is filled with a Cake Chef choco. rugelach...:-)

                1. re: Tay

                  OK, I just called the Cookie Jar. Although Cake Chef is closed Monday and Tuesday, the CJ is open 7 days a week. Looks like its cookies for me!

                  1. re: pgreen

                    I get both cookies and cake at the Cake Chef location but I cannot imagine they will be any less delicious.
                    Also, keep in mind if it's cake/cupcakes you crave don't forget about Mother Mousse. Their site looks boring but their cakes are outstanding.
                    Have a safe and enjoyable trip! :-)

      2. Time for the epilog. I moved my son up and was drenched with sweat and exhausted (I am fighting to get over a cold). It was getting late, and the bakery was the one stop I was going to make before I left the Island to make the long schlep home. On my way to Cake Chef, I was starting to falter, when I spied Alfonso's, with its large CVS parking lot next door. (This is the one on Victory Road, only about ¼ mile from Cake Chef.) I ended up getting some Danish (an assortment). I then noticed they had a special on Italian bread, so I got a loaf. Then, on impulse, I got some biscotti. I had no idea what kind of place this was (i.e., whether it was any good), but just went on pure luck and impulse.

        On the way home, I tore off a piece of the bread. I guess I have had Italian bread before, including grocery store versions and some from Baltimore’s best Italian bakery. These experiences had led me to believe that Italian bread was, at best, a poor relation to the best French bread and, at worst, bland and textureless. But this was a revelation. It was chewy and flavorful, comparable to the best French breads I have eaten (including in Paris). Just wonderful. As I tore off pieces, scattering crumbs all over my car, I thought what a great sandwich it would make. I managed to save enough for a one when I got home, and it was everything I would have wanted from such a loaf. My sorrow is that I can’t have any more for quite a while. (Can you imagine having sandwiches from this stuff every day?)

        As for the Danish, they are excellent as well. Last night, I had ½ of a cheese and ½ of a blueberry. The cheese actually tasted like cheese and the blueberry of blueberry. Not too sweet, but right where they should have been. A good Danish has both flavorful fillings and pastry that is not only flavorful, but also the proper balance between tender and chewy (hard to describe). These hit the mark square on. They were the best Danish I have had in years, reminding me of the best (now long-gone) Jewish bakeries of my youth.

        I have yet to try the biscotti (I think I’ll wait until the pastry is gone). There, my standard for comparison is my Grandmother’s Mandelbrot (mandel bread--does every culture have a version of biscotti?).

        In short, I will have to save Cake Chef for another trip. In the mean time, I highly recommend Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe.

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          I'm glad your trip went well and that you were so happy with your purchases.
          If you liked Alfonzo's you'll like Holterman's or pretty much any other SI bakery so you'll have a wide selection from which to choose. :-)