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Is Lindt Kosher?

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I am talking about the basic chocolate bars. I am getting conflicting information...

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  1. Product sold in the US is not certified. (Says so right on their website).


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      But my question is for Europe!

    2. From their site FAQs:
      Are Lindt products Kosher?
      Currently our products are not Kosher certified.

      1. Actually I should clarify. So Lindt is on the Dutch Kashrut list and I bought the chocolate in Amsterdam Airport so I am guessing it is okay. What threw me off was the US website. Personally I don't care but it is a gift for my cousins in Israel who have a higher level of kashrut and asked me to bring them Swiss chocolate. I hope that clarifies the situation.

        1. According to the LBD, the following are kosher parev:
          Excellence Dark 70%
          Excellence Dark 85%

          The following are kosher milchig (not CY):
          Excellence Extra Creamy
          Excellence Intense Coffee
          Excellence Intense Mint
          Swiss Double Milk Chocolate
          Swiss Milk Chocolate
          Swiss Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts
          Swiss Thins Milk

          Swiss Tradition is NOT KOSHER

          The LBD couldn't get enough information about the following to decide
          whether they're kosher or not:
          Crunchy Caramel
          Excellence Dark 99%
          Excellence Intense Orange

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          1. re: zsero

            what's the LBD?

            1. re: azna29

              london bet din

            2. re: zsero

              Thanks, Amsterdam Bet Din says more or less the same thing so the chocolate I bought was fine, luckily!