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Aug 6, 2009 02:22 PM

MSP: Lunch with 12 kids near Mill City Market on Saturday

I volunteer with a youth program and we are headed to the market on Saturday and would like to get lunch in the area (close walking distance). We prefer a restaurant to food booths, since we need receipts for reimbursement. We want to keep the cost per person around $10...any ideas?


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  1. im wondering if you couldnt get market bucks from the management on a credit card machine/with a receipt for reimbursement. i havent done it at the MCM but i have known other farmers markets that used a similar system to allow customers to pay with cards at one central terminal.

    1. There's a little cafeteria/deli in the Mill City Museum, run by D'Amico Cucina. They have sandwiches, salads, drinks, and cookies (the only thing I've tried - really mediocre). My meals at other D'Amico fast-food places have been OK, but it's not exactly great food.

      Otherwise, hmmmm. There's not a lot in the immediate area that's (a) good, (b), cheap, and (c) appropriate for kids (i.e., the bars on Washington Ave). There's a Chipotle at 7 Corners, but that's at least 6-7 blocks away. And it's a fast-food chain. I'd hate for those kids to see all that wonderful local / gourmet food at the market, then troup off to a chain or wherever for mediocre meals.

      Me, I'd call Spoonriver (at the corner of the market) and explain the issue, to see if they could work something out. Normally, Spoonriver is a bit pricey, but the owner, Brenda Langton, is a mom who has fed many a hungry kid. Plus, she's the driving force behind the market and a Mpls missionary for organic/local food. I'll bet she's worked with groups on a limited budget before.

      Good luck, and have a lovely outing!

      750 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

      1. Is the Old Spaghetti Factory on Washington Ave close enough? I know it's a chain....

        1. Across the river: Punch.

          Big table in middle of room that seats over 12. Not terribly busy for lunch on weekends. About $10-$12 per pie.

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            Punch is a great idea if your kids are good walkers - it's about a 1-mile trek to get over there via the 3rd Ave Bridge, and a bit more if you take the Stone Arch Bridge. But it's a lovely walk.

            Also, depending on size/appetites, two kids could share a pizza. (My husband and I always share a pizza and a salad when we eat at Punch, and we're big eaters!)

            A large salad could probably serve 3 or 4, if any kids like greens - the Caesar salad is great, as is the Punch salad.


          2. I've never been there myself, but there's a Thai restaurant, Kindee, right across the street from the farmers market. Asian places are usually capable of handling big family groups and,if you ate family style, you'd probably be able to keep the costs down a little, though, I suspect with tip and tax, you'd probably spend more than $10 per person if you ordered entrees. (I've heard good things about their larb. It's an appetizer, but only $6. I wonder if that could be enough for a meal?). I wonder if you might call ahead there and explain your situation?

            But, I'll bet it's cheaper (and a more kid-friendly venue) than Spoonriver, if the kids are willing to be adventurous eaters.

            The D'Amico sandwich shop Anne mentions inside the Mill City Museum is fine for kids, probably and I'm sure dispenses receipts.


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              Wasabi isn't the best Japanese restaurant in the area, but they do have some inexpensive options, especially at lunch time. They only have the dinner menu online, but I seem to recall the Hibachi lunches being in that price range. (Plus, kids love the show!)

              You might want to give them a call and explain the situation, and see what they can do. It is definately walkable from the Mill City Farmer's Market.