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Aug 6, 2009 01:39 PM

lunch suggestions that will make my "staycation" more like a vacation...

I know, it's a lame term, but in this case, it works..will be staying around Toronto for my summer vacation this year and have decided to treat myself to some leisurely lunches out (just like a real vacation!) Patios would be great (if summer ever comes) and I'm ok with spending a bit of money. Location is open for discussion. I've already penciled in Globe Bistro as I love the look of their lunch also considering George for their 22.00 2 course special..any other suggestions ("fancy" or casual would be fine with either). It'll just be my husband and I and we are both open to all styles of food...

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  1. Try Canoe, if it's not too closely linked to work stuff. Lovely atmosphere and TD Centre can be so nice in summertime.

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      Try Celestin for lunch. They have a patio and I love the Dungeness Crab Soup.

      1. re: sumdumgoy

        and they have a very charming chef..

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        ooh..very good idea..especially on a non-patio day, provided it's not too overcast and we can still get the view!

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          3rd on Celestin, especially if it's nice and you can be on the patio (inside is nice too though).

      3. I had a really nice lunch on the patio at Leslie Jones last week. I had the salmon pizza and a beet salad appetizer that had beets cut in cubes, mixed with apples and pine nuts - made me think that they were trying to mimic a waldorf salad - only lighter, better flavours. My dining companion had the risotto which was a special that day that had chirozo and chicken, I think. He enjoyed it. I had a bite and thought it was well executed.
        Service was very nice also.

        1. Had a lovely patio lunch at Beer Bistro last year. The crowd is a bit Bay St, so if you work down there it may not feel like a vacation. But they thinned out by 2pm, the patio started getting some shade, and all was good. This year had drinks (not lunch, although they do serve tapas) at the rooftop Park Hyatt bar and that felt like a mini vacation too... could combine with some kind of spa treatment & shopping on Bloor?

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            Another alternative in that area is Bier Markt on the Esplanade, with a nice big patio and a wide beer selection. Ordering one of the flatbreads and the Pernod mussels, with a nice beer, out on the patio, makes for nice casual lunch.

            Starfish (Adelaide & Jarvis) is wonderful if you are an oyster/seafood fan.

            Canoe is great choice - unless you already go there for work-related meals.

            Pearl Harbourfront for dim sum is a nice lunch choice - not because it's the best dim sum in Toronto (it's good) but for the location. Reserve a window table with a view of the lake.

            Tutti Matti for Italian. Not the most exciting location, but delicious food!

            1. re: balthazar

              I second the recommendation for Pearl Court at Harbourfront. The space is airy and full of light. With the view of the water, it feels like I'm in Vancouver.

          2. Go to the St lawrence market and get an order of the fish and chips in the back and sit on the deck watching the people go by.. I did that two saturdays ago and I did not feel like I was in Toronto at all... An other suggestion would be to take the ferry to Toronto Islands and eat there in a restaurant or pick up some food at the market and go have a picnic...

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              apparently this one is already on hubby's "do to" list for the week off...but I might go for the back bacon..

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                OnDaGo is spot on about the island. Take the Ferry to Ward's Island and go to the Rectory Cafe. Make sure to sit on the patio... You won't believe that you are anywhere near the city! Also , go the the Brickworks on a Saturday and just eat your way around the market. (coleslaw, fries, burrito, coffee...) Then go for a walk around the pond and just enjoy!

                1. re: Otonabee

                  I haven't been to Brickworks - but I can bike there, so good choice...have had a great lunch at Rectory in the past but have heard the food is not good anymore...any comments on the food? (the atmosphere will always be lovely!)

                  1. re: redhead

                    If you don't want to bike then there is a shuttle bus from Broadview

                    As to the food, I seem to recall it being pretty good but in full honesty I haven't been for a couple of years... The best time I ever had was just bringing my own picnic to the island but going in there for dessert and coffee. They have a bunch of daily desserts that are lovely! The picnic idea is also really nice. I usually hit the St Lawrence Market, grab a bunch of really nice things then head to the island find a quiet space and try to forget where I am :)

              2. i believe Jamie Kennedy is doing a lunch series on wednesdays at his Gardiner Cafe which looks great. the aftenoon tea at C5 could really be lunch too.