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Aug 6, 2009 01:15 PM

Las Vegas Rec's for FUN/FUNKY and a SCENE business dinner

Taking some clients out to vegas this month for dinners. This is NOT a conservative group, so I'm looking for someplace that has good food, but also is a scene. Fun, funky, happening, and good food to boot. We have an expense account, but I wouldn't say sky is the limit...but I'd love to hear about the sky anyways. :)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here's a few that come to mind (remembering that this is Vegas, so things are subject to change depending on day of the week, etc.)(In no particular order):

      Nobu - At Hard Rock Hotel - always a scene, but a bit pricy
      Tao - really cool funky and happening place, not expensive and food is not too bad
      Fix - This is a great place for drinks and food and is usually a good scene
      Red Square- iced bar with crazy walk in vodka room, decent russian food

      Just a start. I'm sure there are plenty more out there in chowland.

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          I was going to add nine and I forgot!

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            Nine would be my top rec, as I have used this steakhouse plenty of times for the same requirements/

      1. fun/funky good food and expense's Vegas! hotspots and sky high ideas;
        Tao, top choice
        N9NE, at the Palms, then see Playboy Club and Moon's retractable roof

        Red Square, great food but usually subdued and not crowded

        Okada, private waterfall/chef's table
        Daniel Boulod, with Lake of Dreams views
        Switch at Encore, walls transform several times, but food reviews are spotty
        Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel
        Foundation Room, Mandalay Bay; private elevator to members only club, now open to public; Foundation Dining Room ...original paneling from Kellog Family estate, dimly lit from antique chandeliers reflect off gold leaf ceiling...43rd floor roof-top stunning views patio outside dining
        Top of the World, Stratosphere, 106 floors up, great food, incredible views revolving all glass restaurant

        1. also notably funky scenes;
          Botero at Encore; unique and quintessential Vegas scene and dining, circular room with namesake art and epic black Botero statue in center, lush covered patio for outdoor dining overlooks the European topless pool...for stratospheric high limit, get the Hennessy Ellipse :-p
          Mix at THEhotel, 43rd fl., 15,000 bulb Murano glass chandelier, open kitchen, stunning city view, even restrooms have great view, tables or egg shaped pods, lounge open to 3am, daybeds on balcony, dine on outdoor deck or group semi-private mezzanine-level seats up to 24

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            I love N9ne, but it tends to be very loud in there, so I'm not sure how conducive it would be for a business dinner. Nove is the Italian place at the Palms and is a bit more intimate. Simon at the Palms Place is also trendy/funky and they have a semi-private back room you might be able to get. Over at the Forum Shops at Caesars, there are several places that fit the bill...Il Mulino, Joe's Stone Crab, Sushi Roku and Boa. All have excellent food, but Sushi Roku and Boa have a 'hipper' vibe.

          2. If you don't want to a killer bill - try Firefly on Paradise - tapas - great booze - sangrias by the pitcher - happening late - can be verey loud and busy - great variety of foods. Truly something for everyone. Good for groups.