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Aug 6, 2009 12:49 PM

Killer Lobster Tail Pastry From Antoine's in Newton

These were filled with VERY thick whipped cream and surprisingly good. On par with Modern and the place in Gloucester whose name eludes me. There is still half of one left in our work kitchen and it is all I can do to resist.

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  1. I don't get to Antoine's all that often, but am always pleased with their goods when I do. Barmy and I also really like their bismarks (AKA long johns.)

    1. Thanks for the report on Antoine's lobster tail. We'll have to get there soon. Are you thinking of Caffe Sicilia in Gloucester?

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      1. re: bear

        or maybe Virgillio if they aren't in the fridge for awhile ???

        1. re: capeanne

          It is Virgilio's I was thinking of. Last time I had one there is was freshly filled and awesome. But if memory serves me correctly theirs had pastry cream.

          Gotta say, I can't stop thinking about the one from Antoine's. Funny as I have been there before and was not terribly wowed by their other items, but they have the lobster tail totally nailed!

          To Scruffy below. I am not one who has a whole lot of love for Mike's. They do a few items well, and most are just barely okay in my book.

      2. oh Yeah, they're good. They're my favorite thing in there. I like them better than Mike's. I have a hard time eating only half.

        1. I love Antoine's. Their whipped cream/fruit layer cakes are to die for. Pricey, but great!

          1. I've always liked Antoine's primarily because I lived in Newton and hated going to the North End and paying 2x for something that's marginally better. They have chocolate dipped chocolate cake with creme fraiche that is awesome because it probably uses the same creme that's in the lobster tails. Also dig their hermits - the molasses cookies.