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Aug 6, 2009 12:43 PM

flaky, crunchy rugelach?

My grandparents used to buy the best chocolate rugelach from a bakery in/around Flatbush. They were definitely a pastry dough, with chocolate drizzled and hardened on top, with some powdered sugar. I have no idea what the bakery's name was, or if it's even still around. Any places in New York that make this kind of rugelach? They were deliciously flaky and crunchy - not soft and chewy like so many rugelach around now . . .

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  1. while they don't have chocolate (they only have fruit) the rugelach at andre's hungarian on queens boulevard in rego park are amazing. substantial, flaky, layer-y, these are the best and always a crowd winner. and, they'll put powdered sugar on top although the last time I asked for it, the young lady at the counter gave me a funny look. these are nothing like those commercial bready ones which might as well be made out of a pillsbury tube.

    1. I don't know where they come from, but the rugelach at Gourmet Garage are delicious. The chocolate is excellent, raison really good.

      1. The rugelach from Margaret Palca Bakes in the Columbia Heights section of Brooklyn (outskirts of Carroll Gardens) fits your description (minus the powdered sugar). They're my personal favorite spot for rugelach. They have a couple of different varieties, including a chocolate one. The pastry dough is flaky, crisp, and nicely caramelized on the outside-- features I look for in a good rugelach. When it comes to puff pastry and its ilk, nothing irks me more than seeing an undercooked, soggy, pale blond dough. Throw it back in the oven!

        Margaret Palca Bakes
        191 Columbia Street (between Degraw & Sackett Sts.)