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Aug 6, 2009 12:39 PM

"Great Kosher Restaurants" magazine listings - Please weigh in!

I have been browsing through the latest edition of "Great Kosher Restaurants" magazine, and would love to have some current reviews of a few of the restaurants that they feature, that I haven't tried yet or haven't been to in a while.
In Brooklyn: Barbounia, Burtolucci's, Carlos and Gabby's, Carciofi Ristorante, El Gaucho, Orchidea, T Fusion Steakhouse, and Tuscany.

In Manhattan: Turquoise, and NoiDue

I need to make a choice for a pre- theater birthday lunch, or early dinner this week, and need some guidance, please. I've been disappointed not to have gotten any answers to questions I've posted recently, and I'm really hoping to get some feedback this time.

Thanks very much!

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  1. Recently went to Turquoise with my husband. Wasn't impressed with the food or the service. Only 3 tables with patrons, yet the waiters and managers seemed to know one group and spent all of their time shmoozing them (young'ns too!). We were mostly ignored. When we asked for something - I believe an extra napkin - the waiter seemed annoyed and said "hold on a minute."
    Haven't been to NoiDue, but my daughter loved their Eggplant Parm.
    I've been to Clubhouse Cafe twice recently. Loved the food. Service not terrible.

    1. Noidue has good food but it can be very noisy due to the shape of the room. It's a good place to grab a quick bite but it's not a fancy place. I'm assuming you want something a little bit nicer for a birthday.

      I've been to T Fusion as well recently and while I thought the food was good it was nothing that blew me away. They have good service though and nice atmosphere.

      1. I have been to Turquoise twice and had good experiences with both the food and the service. NoiDue is supposed to be good but it gets crowded and has long waits for tables in the evening.

        1. Re: Noi Due . . . if you search the kosher board, you will find a thread from about three-four weeks ago, which I started, and then added to after I ate there, with a fairly detailed write-up.

          1. Thanks very much to those that have answered so far. I actually do remember reading the earlier posts about NoiDue.
            It sounds like a place I'll probably want to check out at some point, but probably not what I had in mind for the birthday lunch. I also just saw that Turquoise doesn't open until about 5:30 on Sunday, which wouldn't allow time for a leisurely pre-theater meal.
            At this point, we're leaning toward eating in one of the Brooklyn places, and heading into Manhattan afterwards. So I'm still hoping to get the current reviews on Barbounia, Burtolucci's, Carlos and Gabby's , Carciofi Ristorante, El Gaucho, Orchidea, T Fusion Steakhouse, and Tuscany.

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              Just in case you didn't know, Carlos and Gabby's is a fast-food place (with a Mexican theme, though they have some sandwiches and subs that aren't really Mexican). I haven't been to the Brooklyn location, but I can't imagine it's any different from the Queens and Five Towns branches.