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Aug 6, 2009 12:33 PM

Harney Sushi gets New chef

I know the kaito fans won't care about this, but the guy has worked at some pretty high profile spots:

"After receiving his culinary degree at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, Sinsay eventually landed at the famed Las Vegas Nobu. After five years he returned to California to work with chef Warren Schwartz at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. He then worked with the man who is often credited with bringing Spanish small plate cuisine across the Atlantic, Jose Andres, at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles"

Viceroy hotel has good food and Jose Andres is a great chef (although I think he just had a "consulting" role at sls hotel)

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  1. Let's hope that the chef has some pull and convinces the owners to change the name to something more PC: "Me Love You Long Time Sushi," perhaps.

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    1. re: SaltyRaisins

      Maybe you should petition the city to change the name of Harney St.?

      1. re: Josh

        Perhaps everyone should be glad that the sushi shop doesn't close and get replaced by a Harney-Davidson dealership.

        1. re: Tripeler

          Or worse. A chain joint or starbucks.

    2. I had home ec class with Anthony in highschool. Celebrity! just kidding.