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Aug 6, 2009 12:19 PM

2 night in Vegas: Picasso, Mix, or Stratta for one; and Aureole or Fluer de Lis for the other?

Hi All,

Hubby and I are headed to Vegas this weekend - he got some promotion for 2 free nights at the Wynn, but the catch is that it can't be on the weekend. So we'll be coming into to town on Sunday and checking out Tuesday.

I need one amazing dinner rec for either of those nights, so far I was thinking Picasso, Mix, or Strata. I'd love to do Alex at the Wynn, but it's unfortunately closed when we'll be there. Our budget is around $115/person (without wine) and we'd probably do the prefix menus.... also, not a a big fan of seafood or sushi..

Food quality is most important, but a lively-ish hip feeling would be nice too (i know, it will be sun or mon, and with the recession and all, but still)

For the other night, I found gift certificates to either Flyer de Lis or Aureole. So what would you guys pick? I'm pretty sure I'd like to use the gift certificate, since it would save us about 1/2 off our bill. So far i'm leaning towards Aureole, just based on the pics of the decor and the menu, but totally open. Also, which do you think would be more lively?

Also, good but affordable (under $40 without drinks, maybe sharing an app) lunch recs would be appreciated... most like sticking to the strip.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Too bad you're there when Alex is closed.

    For Italian I prefer Sinatra at Encore to Stratta. Both have prix fixe menus which are splendid values.

    At $115 pp without wine you can have an amazing prix fixe at Guy Savoy which is in the same league and arguably better than Alex. It's an opportunity not to miss.

    I've had wonderful experiences at Aureole. I've had mixed experiences at Fleur de Lys. This seems like no contest to me, but others may feel different. The main dining room of Aureole has the "hip" vibe you are referring to while the Swan Court is quieter and more romantic.

    My favorite lunch venue is Country Club at Wynn. You'll forget your on the strip with great views of the Wynn Golf Course. Other options are Mesa Grill and Enoteca San Marco.