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Dinner @ Canteen, 8/5

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We had a spectacular dinner last night at Canteen. The menu was prix-fixe and we made reservations for the night because it was lobster and corn night. This was our second visit.

We started with a splendid chopped heirloom and herb tomato salad with hunks of fresh tuna, basil chiffonade and Boston lettuce. Refreshing, generous and it set the palate for what was to come...

Just before the entree arrived, we were presented with piping hot rolls (Parker House/yeast) and butter. I could have eaten 10 of them.

The lobster and corn entree was truly memorable. Creamy polenta as the base with fresh corn tucked under it and bits of lobster floating through the polenta. Topped with a very rich lobster stock reduction, more substantial pieces of lobster, roasted onions and dill. Absolutely delicious and satisfying and the server placed another roll on our bread plate to sop up all of the delicious lobster sauce.

Dessert was a vanilla rice pudding (not always a big fan of this) that was so perfect for the end of the meal. The pudding was topped with sweet, warm grilled peaches and raspberries.

We sat at the bar and I was thoroughly impressed with the efficiency of that tiny kitchen. We will definitely be back again soon. I'd like to try brunch there. Looked at a sample menu and it looked wonderful as well.


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  1. I have reservations there for one of our nights in SF next week - looking forward to it, have heard good things so far!

    1. My husband and I were also at the dinner last night. Your review is spot on. The food was nothing short of spectacular.

      Highly recommend brunch!

      1. Nice report. Thanks for an update