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Aug 6, 2009 11:32 AM

Five-Flavor Birthday Cake - advice requested

Hello 'hounds,

My husband has requested a cake with the following six flavors for his birthday: chocolate, pumpkin, cinnamon, caramel, and marshmallow. I've written them in the approximate order of how the flavors should be prioritized. It seems easy enough to make a chocolate-pumpkin cinnamon cake, fill with caramel and ice with marshmallow buttercream, but all five flavors need to be distinctly represented.

Here's what I'm thinking: a three-layer cake with two chocolate layers (top and bottom) and one pumpkin (middle). Caramel filling/ganache/something like that between the layers. Some sort of cinnamon swirl just on top - or maybe the pumpkin layer can have a cinnamon swirl in it? Do you think this would be possible, with a very visible dark swirl? I can make a marshmallow buttercream and just lightly pipe decorations instead of swathing the whole cake in it, since I'm worried about things getting messy, gloppy, and overly sweet.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maybe this will help:
    kchurchill5 seems to have disappeared from CH but there is contact info on her profile page.

    1. Can you find roasted marshmallow ice cream in your area? So yummy. Maybe you wouldn't have to represent the marshmallows in the cake itself, then.

      This may sound crazy, but would it be possible to trim the cake with some mini marshmallows and brown them with a culinary torch. (Maybe they should be browned first?)

      1. I like your general plan for the two layered chocolate with pumpkin center layer. The only other method I could suggest is to pick up a ringed cake pan (with multiple ring sections into which different mixes can be poured) and pour alternating rings of chocolate/pumpkin so that, when it's cut, the cut pieces become a checker board. Swirling the cinnamon into the pumpkin layer(s) should work out just fine and marshmallow cream piping looks to me to be a nice idea too. If toasted marshmallow is allowed, I like the mini-marshmallow suggestion but I'd limit that to the top of the cake and leave the sides naked with the caramel filling kind of oozing out of the spaces between the layers and running slightly down the sides.

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          Like this checkerboard cake? Man, I love these creative cake threads. I wish I were a baker. enjilico, please keep us posted. I can't wait to read about what approach you ultimately take and how it turns out! Good luck!


        2. I gotta say, the chocolate will totally drown out the lovely pumpkin flavor.

          I would do a two roll cakes.

          Make a chocolate genoise and a pumpkin genoise (recipes online...)

          Remember to roll them when they are still hot in a powdered sugar covered clean cotton towel.

          When they are cool, unroll them and frost a layer for inside.

          On the chocolate: Do a thin layer of cooled caramel sauce. then add a layer of marshmellow fluff, or Paula Deen's marshmellow cream cheese frosting from her Red Velevet Cake. Roll back up and chill

          On the pumpkin: You can also do a layer of caramel (I like Recchiti's Burnt Sugar caramel), and then top with a cream cheese maple frosting. Roll back up and chill.

          The cinnamon, of course is IN the pumpkin genoise.

          Serve these side by side on a platter, drizzled with warmed caramel and dusted with powdered sugar.