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Aug 6, 2009 10:52 AM

PHO in FresNO

Hello All,

I was wondering, in your opinion, who serves the best Pho in Fresno. I am partial to Pho 99 over on First & McKinley since it was my first pho experience and the only place I've had pho in Fresno so far. I would like to branch out and try a couple more places and was wondering about other places that serve good pho.

On a related topic, I was wondering if anyone has done a Fresno pho crawl since it seems like we have a great many pho restaurants in the SE part of the city. If it has not been done yet it could be something to think about since I don't think we've had a Fresno crawl in quite some time (breakfast burritos and pupusas are the ones that come to mind).

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  1. I'm with you. I get really senimental about Pho 99 because it was the first location I found in Fresno... and it still serves a good bowl. If you want to try other places, you are already in the right corner. Just up 1st Street are a bunch of restaurants which serve decent pho, you've just got to try and compare. Then you can even go south on 1st to B & K Asian Kitchen for Thai and Lao dishes, and they also serve pho ( and really good laap).

    Here is an old thread which discussed some of the pho restaurants in town. And I also want to put my vote in for a crawl.

    1. My wife's BIL really likes Mai's restaurant for pho. I've only had it at Pho 75 on McKinley, and it was darn good.

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        I second the May's restaurant for Pho at SW corner of Fresno and Clinton.