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Aug 6, 2009 10:13 AM

Minor's Soup Base in SD

Anyone know where I can find this in San Diego? I've been using the Better Than Boullion brand that they sell at Vons but I heard Minor's tastes better. I was hoping that one of the local markets carries it. I live in the UTC area so I could try Bristol Farms or Whole Foods but would be nice to know before I go out there. Thanks.

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  1. It's a commercial product, try Smart & Final or Restaurant Depot if you're able to get in there. Sysco and U.S. Foods do, of course, stock it. Outside idea is to try Keil's as well. They do come in 1# containers, though you're probably going to be more likely to find it in 5 pounders. The product you're looking for may be stocked in the refrigerated or frozen sections, not necessarily on a grocery shelf.

    The Minors bases are very good. I think the taste is better and I think there is less salt in it than the standard bases.

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    1. Thanks DD, I'll check those places out and see if they carry it.

      Honkman: I saw that I could order online which I would consider except if I only wanted to order one jar they charge $8.95 for shipping!

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        Well I stopped by Smart and Final yesterday and they didn't have any Minor's. I'm not sure I could get a membership to RD, but I don't think I would go through the trouble (I don't need to find this stuff THAT badly).

        Anyone else know of a place that might carry this stuff?

      2. Did you ever find a place that sells Minor's? I live in Cerritos but thought if you found a SoCal chain that carried it I might get lucky.

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          Sorry. Never managed to find a place down here in SD. If you find a chain that carries it let me know. Good luck!