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Aug 6, 2009 10:11 AM

Sunday Lunch before Broadway show?

Hi NY Hounds

I'm coming from LA with the family (including 2 daughters 12 & 8) for 10 days in mid-August. Still going through lots of eating options, but am specifically looking for a place to have a "nice" lunch before the Billy Elliott matinee on Sunday the 23rd. The kids are not HUGE eaters, and the younger one will try anything, but they have eaten lots of different types of food both in LA and on trips (Paris, SF, Alaska).

They like French food and loved Zuni Cafe in SF -- "new" cuisine is probably safe. We do lots of great Mexican, Japanese and Chinese in LA, so probably not that. A good steakhouse with other choices might be a good bet. They are also very visual and love taking in their surroundings, so a fun and/or interesting interior design would be a plus.

I did a search on the board but came up with too many irrelevant hits to sift through them all.

Any and all suggestions appreciated!!

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  1. Marseille on 44th and 9th serves French/Mediterranean/Morrocan cuisine in an updated bistro ambience that's colorful and always bustling. We like the food, the service, and the ambience. On Sunday pre-matinee time , they have a brunch menu with numerous good choices (including their steak frites, a very nice rendition); prices are moderate for NYC. I think your entire family will enjoy it.

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        Third Marseille!

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      2. Ellen's Stardust Diner on Broadway might be fun if you want something casual and enjoy musical. The waiter take turn singing while you eat and the food is pretty good (not cheap).

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          I just took my younger sister to Ellen's Stardust before we saw Shrek the Musical. I thought it would be fun but the singing waiters/waitresses is a little much and we were actually treated very rudely by our waiter. Also, the food was overpriced for what it actually is.

        2. Recommend Aspen Social Club with dazzling decor to delight the kids and a tapas style menu with many choices for sharing.

          1. Kellari Taverna is a 10 min walk. They serve greek/mediterranean food. I have never been but plan to go so maybe others can chime in. I looked on Yelp and checked out Zagat members' reviews and they were favorable.
            They have theatre menus plus they are participating in Restaurant Week.

            If the link for marseille is not working for you (didn't work for me), go to YELP and check it out. They have pics and a pic of their menu.

            1. My friend who lives in NYC took care of the reservations and we ended up eating at Bar Americain which was a pretty perfect combo of upscale style new American food with very pleasant and energetic service. We were all tempted by the Hot Kentucky Brown, but ended up with burgers and pot pie and numerous desserts and headed off to Billy Elliott very happy indeed.

              All of our eating experiences in NY, from Grimaldi's in Brooklyn to Bar Americain, to street food in front of the Met, to 11 Madison Park, to Angelo's Pizza, to Ouest, to Nice Matan, to the Shake Shack were stellar. We were there with 3 kids and enjoyed every meal (did I mention Artie's?) and were particularly pleased by the friendliness of NY'ers.