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Aug 6, 2009 10:03 AM

West Village - medium expensive spot ??

have a friend who is always complaining about the prices of places we choose so looking for a sort of reasonable place in the west village for three lovely single ladies.
please advise :)

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    1. there's just loads of places in the west village for that. any type of scene? food type? price?

      if yr looking for just places with great food for cheap in the area, try ino, westville, moustache, da andrea, stand, and tartine.

      what age group are these single women : )

      1. What is the price range you are avoiding?

        You can try Market Table for "medium expensive"

        1. I consider Tartine inexpensive. What is the price range you are thinking of? Dollar figures would be helpful.

          1. I think L'Artusi is well can keep it around $50 a person if you aren't big eaters including a drink. it's the perfect location and great food