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Aug 6, 2009 09:49 AM

Non meltable snacks from Trader Joes?

I'm making a road trip with three friends to Vegas tomorrow and wanted to bring some yummy snacks and immediately thought of Trader Joes. Any suggestions?

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  1. Look in the nuts and trail mix section. They have some great combos and also reasonable prices on the nuts. Also, lots of good crackers, chips and cookies. If you can take a small cooler, they have bags of cut-up ready to eat fruits and vegetables. Also, packs of celery & peanut butter. My fave.

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    1. re: mollygirl

      so, I stopped at TJs on the way home from work and I would particularly call out the Marcona Almonds!!! Yum. They have then in Roasted Salted and Rosemary flavor. I've never tried the Rosemary, but the plain ROCK. Also, on the end cap of the chip aisle, they had a string of Roasted Plantain Chips. I opened the bag and haven't been able to leave them alone!

      1. re: mollygirl

        If you enjoy rosemary, you'll definitely like the marcona almonds with rosemary...

    2. I second the dried fruit and nuts idea. The triple ginger cookies are really good and are in a plastic bin which travels well. With a cooler you have many hummus and dip options. The snap pea crisps are very nice too.

      This is a little melty, but the fruit/nut mix with chocolate covered espresso beans helps me get several extra hours of driving in on long trips without stopping for gas station coffee. Very delicious combo!

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      1. re: meatn3

        I like those snap pea crisps as well. I've found the original flavor to be better than the ceasar.

        1. re: mollygirl

          I agree. The ceasar had a fake flavor IMO. The original tastes so fresh - very addictive!

      2. If you like salty snacks, I like the mini pretzels filled with peanut butter. I can much on those all day...

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        1. re: taiwanesesmalleats

          Your suggestion of stuffed pretzels has me trying to remember if they have one stuffed with cheese, like Combos... Any idea?

          1. re: meatn3

            I just wish they did.
            I'm a big fan of their gorgonzola crackers, if you're into cheese, though. They do have cheese/cracker mini sandwiches in a box.

            1. re: Whippet

              Those sound good! I love cheese in general. Every once in a while I get hit by a Combos craving and nothing else will do!

              Usually I can go years between Combos cravings. I had the strangest situation when I started seeing my SO. We had a long distance relationship for the first year and saw each other for a few days every two to three weeks. Every time we were together for the first few months I couldn't stop craving Combos! Very odd, perhaps endorphins triggered a salt craving? Fortunately my cravings have settled back to a broader spectrum!

              1. re: Whippet

                Those mini cheese cracker sandwiches looked so good. I almost bought a box of those too.