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Aug 6, 2009 09:33 AM

MPLS - United Noodle

Very broad question: Is it worth grabbing a bite to eat at United Noodle? If so, any recommendations?

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  1. Yest. I work somewhat nearby and have been a few times. It is pretty good - if not exceptional. The steam table offerings rotate and can be pretty tasty - they will definitely let you try anything that is available. its less than 5 bucks for a plate which comes with as many as three choices and a side of rice - ive seen people request more or less of each of their three items and they are super accommodating regarding the makeup of your combo plate, and its definitely a lot of food. last time i had some chicken (cut up pieces with lots of bone but also lots of very moist meat) and a eggplant/tofu/pork dish that was quite tasty with some rather plain greens.

    the menu items not from the steam table have been pretty good - i like the noodles with bean sauce which come with bean sprouts and cucumber, i think. again, these are about 5 bucks.

    had a so-so spring roll which i didnt feel the need to repeat but the char siu in it (which is available by the pound at the lunch counter also) was pretty good.

    if you go, please report back on what you got and how it was.

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      Thanks for the heads up....looks like they change up the menu often because this time they offered three braised pork dishes (belly, shank, feet)....the lady serving the food was really helpful (you nailed it -- they were all really accomodating). All of the dishes seemed to use the same braising liquid flavored with....cardamom (i'm guessing?)....she recommended the belly for the fattyness, the shank for the meat, and the feet for more of the crispy skin. I went with the pork belly & shank and was not addition they offered fourth dish of pork and greens which was relatively spicy (from a guy that digs spicy food).....a nice pile of steamed rice too (fried was offered as well)....overall, I was very happy with food. For $4.50 I don't think you can ask for much more.....the few tables that were there were packed with customers and there was a line to wait in.....but well worth it.