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Aug 6, 2009 09:31 AM

Corn zipper

Seems like an easy way to remove corn kernels from the cob. Anyone ever use one? See link below.

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  1. Never used one. I think I'll stick to a sharp knife and an angel food cake pan (centre is perfect for holding the cob and the pan catches all the kernels.

    1. I believe the OXO is the one Cooks Illustrated recommends.
      I don't have my copy here at the office with me, but if memory serves, they liked the way it took the corn off the cob and that it collected into a cup for easy collection.
      You can find it at bed bath and beyond.

      1. Just use your madolin if you've got one. You can even set the depth with that. One tool--many uses: saves kitchen storage space

        1. I bought the silver metal corn zipper from Kuhn Rikon. I love it and it makes it very easy and quick to remove the kernels for salads and soups. Its the first gadget I've bought in a years
          that I use.

          1. We have a corn zipper. It does what it's supposed to but a knife is just as good.