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Aug 6, 2009 09:09 AM

Bear Restaurant

Within the next couple of weeks, while visiting in Halifax, I will have the pleasure of dining at Bear Restaurant for the first time. I would love to know what others think of the restaurant, the food and of course, Chef Bear. How was your experience and what items from the menu would you recommend?

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  1. I felt like Bear was maybe *slightly* overrated... It was long enough ago that I won't go into specifics (both due to my fuzzy memory and the fact that their menu's probably different now) but I remember our party being floored by the amazing, interesting appetizers and possibly a bit disappointed by conventional-by-comparison entrées. Still, well worth a visit and completely enjoyable.

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        You were absolutely correct in saying that it would be well worth the visit and completely enjoyable!! The food in terms of presentation, originality and taste was exquisite. The service was incredible and Chef Bear himself was absolutely personable and a pleasure to speak with. It is fantastic to see a chef so passionate about his food and so doting toward his customers. Living in Toronto I have eaten at many fine restaurants but I would hold Bear above all of them! I cannot wait for my next trip to Halifax! Thanks for your input!!