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Aug 6, 2009 08:49 AM


Hello Hounds,

I will be moving to NoVA next month and am interested in finding a CSA. I have been doing a some research online, but would love to hear any first hand experiences and recommendations.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. We did Great Country Farms. Overall we thought it was good. We didn't opt for it this year due to being busier than usual, and knowing we didn't make it to the farm itself as much as we should have for the money.

    In certain seasons you get dumped on - so we had to make sure we set aside time to make preserves from apricots, can beans, etc. The busier schedule made that harder for us.

    Then to the second point - if we were closer we would've been able to get there more easily and it would've DEFINITELY been worth it. We only made it 3 times (twice for strawberries), so didn't get out of it all that we could/should have. But those points are on us - no complaints about them at all - Except that as a member (or anyone else) you don't want to go at festival times - madhouse).

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Thanks for your rec. I will keep it in mind.

    2. Where will you be in NoVA? I'm a member of one with a Falls Church pick-up. If it will be convenient I can share the email address of the organizer with you (it's just starting up and is pretty small).

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        At first I will be living in Manassas. Hopefully, I will eventually make it in a little closer to DC.

      2. Sandy Spring CSA works with a cooperative of small family farms who have been growing locally for generations. They are Certified Organic. They deliver to a number of sites in Fairfax, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, McLean, Reston, etc.

        1. I love Great Country Farms. My family has been CSA members for 5 years now. While there are closer CSAs to our home, no one has the fruit selection and overall diversity as Great Country Farms. With kids the fruit is a must. My family has grown to love foods we never tasted before. Kale and beets are now a standard food item in my house. I have 3 young children, they have all grown up picking our veggies in Bluemont. My baby was a true GCF baby as I made all of her baby food from food we picked at the farm! The u-pick bonus is wonderful and a great way to learn where your food comes from. My suburban kids have dug for potatoes, pulled radishes, picked peas and green beans not to mention all the berries, cherries apples and peaches.

          The festivals are wonderful but my family enjoys going out during the week when it is quiet, relaxing, playing and seeing the animals. My middle child firmly believes the goats are hers!

          The farm is run by a wonderful family and makes you feel welcomed. I have refereed many friends to GCF.

          1. A friend who found a CSA too much for just one person joined Washington GreenGrocer, and found it suited to her needs.