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Aug 6, 2009 08:36 AM

Cheap Yogurt in Northern VA

Hi All,

I've just moved to Northern VA and I love yogurt. I moved from Cambridge, MA and used to get 32oz Whole Milk yogurt at Market Basket for $1.69. The yogurt was not organic, but did have live cultures-which is what I'm looking for. Do you know of any places around Northern VA that I could find some good, cheap yogurt? I wish I could buy yogurt in large wholesale size containers that were 1 gallon size, but I have not found any yet. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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  1. try the many farmers markets. A number of vendors come out with organic yogurt. If you go through large amounts they might be able to cut you a deal.

    1. What is the hype over Chobani greek yogurt? I'm going to pick some up this weekend.

      1. I recommend Keswick Creamery and Blue Ridge Dairy yogurts (all of their dairy products, really). Check out their websites to find out which farmers markets they are at to find out what times and locations are best for you.
        PS...don't limit yourself to only NoVa markets-especially on weekends when driving into DC is usually a breeze.

        1. NONE of the places listed above has cheap yogurt -- ESPECIALLY the farmers' markets. blue ridge dairy, while tasty, is expensive.

          i've never seen yogurt as cheap as what you've had in cambridge, though. i buy stonyfield farm organic, but just paid around $4.75 for it at harris teeter. that wasn't a sale price. but what you'll need to do also is look at the weekly sales flyers (can be done online) at safeway, giant, harris teeter. yogurt is always on sale in one form or another at pretty much every one of those stores. the good thing about yogurt, it lasts pretty well in the fridge..... also i'll mention trader joes for a decent price on yogurt every day (no sales, per se).

          your best bet for cheap yogurt, hands down, will be at shoppers food warehouse -- all around metro d.c. & environs.

          make your own! there's a thread on making your own "fage" yogurt. maybe someone will link it or you can find it yourself here on chowhound.

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            Keswick sells their quarts of yogurt for $4.50.

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              Google the NYT article from a few months back, I believe it was by Harold McGee (it was also linked to an article in Slate).

              My daughter and I made whole milk yogurt from this recipe and it was, essentially, the best yogurt ever and extremely easy. to do.

            2. this week's special at harris teeter (ending tonight at midnight) is a 6 oz. stonyfield farm organic yogurt for 50 cents. costing it out, that's about $2.65 per quart. not bad at all.