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Aug 6, 2009 08:15 AM

Taste of Crete - Hillsborough, NJ

When I first spied Taste of Crete at 400 Route 206 South, I thought I might have discovered a new Greek restaurant. Disappointment turned to pleasant surprise, however, when I found that Taste of Crete is a new gourmet food store that sells mainly Greek products. The shelves are stocked with olive oils, honey, olive oil cookies, etc., along with a few decidedly non-Greek items such as mango chutney from India, Belgian chocolates and nuts.

The store, which is fairly small and has not yet had its official opening, is owned and operated by Esther Psarakis, an American born woman who married a Greek. She also operates at least two on-line stores - Taste of Crete and La Dolce Gourmet.

The chocolates and nuts that I saw apparently come from La Dolce Gourmet.

I bought a couple of packages of cookies and they are really delicious. Although I don’t travel Route 206 that often, I will definitely be going back to this place!

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  1. I am thoroughly addicted to their olive oil & wine cookies. When my husband brought home the first box, I was hesitant to try them, but wow am I glad I did. Not sweet, very subtle almost a biscuit cookie texture. He has since brought home 3 more boxes, and I have happily gobbled most of them up.

    1. Ambrose thank you for sharing.
      The sweet olives were a wonderful surprise.
      Found so much food inspiration from this one little shop!
      Stopped a few other places in Hillsborough - all in all It was a great foodie day!

      1. We opened the Figs in Honey Chocolate and Ginger Sauce served over vanilla Greek YoGurt - Very good

        1. After a long absence, I returned to Taste of Crete this week and discovered that they now offer Greek food to go. Included are such items as moussaka, spanakopita, pastitsio and baklava. I picked up some spanakopita, which turned out to be pretty good, and some hummus, which I found somewhat disappointing. It seemed rather bland to me but then I'm fond of garlic hummus from the super market!

          Since the closest Greek restaurant to me is a 45 minute drive, it's nice to know that I can get at least a few Greek items from Taste of Crete.