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Dinner very near the Morgan Library

I'm visiting New York with my 85 year old dad. We want to visit the Morgan Library and are looking for dinner places very close by as he can't walk long distances. Nothing too expensive would be helpful and nothing too exotic. Thanks!

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  1. Artisanal, Park between 32nd and 33rd--about 4 blocks away from the Museum

      1. Serge's is a neighborhood French. Morgan Library is 225 Madison at 36th Street and Serge's is 165 Madison between 32nd and 33rd Street. Three to four short blocks, no avenues. Serge has a prix fixe. We have been several times.


        1. Grab a burger at Rare only 2 blocks away

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            1. Madison Bistro, Madison between 37th and 38th, is very nice. Traditional French bistro. Very good, reasonably priced, not too crowded, especially for dinner.

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              1. There is also a restaurant in the Morgan Library, though I don't think it's open every night and I don't know what the prices are like.

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                  It's open on Friday only, and very good and reasonable. Artisinal is way too LOUD. Madison Bistro is a good choice, IMO.

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                    Oh, interesting. I thought it seemed kind of upscale and pricey, but I didn't look closely. I also thought it seemed rather small and even claustrophobic, not that I'm overly sensitive to that. I take it you didn't find that to be the case? (Sorry, didn't mean for this to come across as such a lead question ...)

                2. Ginger Man on 36 St. Half block from Library. Has great beer selection and selection of sandwiches and platters.

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                    I disagree with Gingerman. Too loud and crowded for an 85 year old man. The food is awful as well.