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Aug 6, 2009 07:59 AM

Tabor Road Tavern, Morris Plains

The buzz around is that this place is a wonderful dining experience. Beautiful environment, good service, good food. Any CH'ers been there?

(It seems that Morris County is "in-between" boards-- hard to know if it's in Tristate or MidAtlantic. Probably why there's so few postings about Morris County on CH.)

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  1. Menton1 -
    Morris County is definitely in between boards.

    Just giving this a bump.

      1. Morris Co. has been showing up more in Tristate Region - which I frankly don't understand. That said, I have been to Tabor Road tavern several times and have never been disappointed. Most recently had a wonderful dinner with friends from DC who are world travellers. They were very impressed. There is a lot of seafood on the menu, which is what I tend to eat., so I can't say much about the meat dishes. The seafood has always been perfectly prepared. The wine list also has some interesting items.

        1. What was wrong with the burger?