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Aug 6, 2009 07:22 AM

PHILLY suggestions good food AND good local beer

I'm headed to Philadelphia and am searching for relatively casual dinner places with moderate to high prices and a selection of local beers on tap. I love good food and good craft beers. I will have my 5 and 11 year old children, but have no problem bringing them to restaurants that aren't necessarily considered "kid-friendly" (ie. Planet Hollywood and other yicky chains). We are staying downtown -- a few nights in the Sheraton in Society Hill and a few nights at the Windsor Suite near Logan Square.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Phila is big on gastropubs and has a great local beer scene. Try Standard Tap, Pub and Kitchen, Royal Tavern, the Ugly American, N Third (north third), Monks, Good Dog, to name a few. A Search of this board for gastropub yields many results. Search for local beer will do the same. Enjoy!

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        This sounds great! I love gastropubs! I'm super limited on my research time -- could you let me know which of these suggestions are in downtown, or an easy public transportation trip from downtown. We will not have a car. THANKS!

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          Standard Tap and N Third are in Northern Liberties - 2nd street and 3rd streets respectively, about 1 mile north of the sheraton Society Hill, Pub and Kitchen is 19th and Lombard, Good Dog is 15th and Samson and Monk's is 16th and Spruce - all three probably about a half mile from the Windsor Suites. Royal tavern is at 7th, Carpenter St and Passyunk Ave in Bella Vista - probably about 1 mile from the sheraton - and near the Italian Market which can be a fun foodie stroll (9th st between christian and Federal). The Ugly American is on front street (that would be first street if you know our grid) and is about a mile due south of the Sheraton. So, most of these are walkable, especially if you are being tourists in between, although there is a "gap" of boring-ness heading north to Northern liberties (not unsafe in any way tho). All of them are simple inexpensive cab rides.

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            thanks again! Do you know which allow children? I'm especially interested in the Pub and Kitchen and Good Dog.

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              none of these "bar" children, Good Dog has an upstairs dining room so you wouldn't have to sit in the bar room and Pub and Kitchen has outdoor seating as well. I wouldn't take children to either at 10 on a Friday! We allow no smoking in Phila so most of our gastro pubs accommodate children well

      2. not too far from the Sheraton Society hill:

        National Mechanics
        Triumph Brewing Company

        1. GREAT BELGIUM & many many others - many - and excellent food: Monks Cafe, center city, Monks Belgian Cafe. reasonable proces. Mussels are outacontrol.

          264 S 16th St
          Philadelphia, PA 19102-3357
          (215) 545-7005
          Get directions

          off the beaten path - Yards in Manayunk

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            Yards hasn't been located in Manayunk for years and years.

          2. the dark horse pub in head house square (2nd and south st.) real near your first hotel. great food good beer selection. nice bar. I used to bring my newborn their all the time when I lived in society hill.