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Aug 6, 2009 07:08 AM

Stop eating my veggies!

So something [definitely either raccoons or squirrels] is eating our cucumbers, peppers, and the few ripe tomatoes we have. We've grown a garden for the last 2 years without problems, but the nocturnal eaters are just going to town, and I'm worried at what will happen when the tomatoes finally ripen [most are green due to our crappy summer]. I've tried chili flakes and bloodmeal which worked last year, but not now. Suggestions?

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  1. Try bitter apple spray, which you can get in a pet store, or in the pet section of a big box store/hardware store.

    Just remember to wash the veggies really, really well before you eat them yourself.

    (I suggested this to my uncle, who was having raccoon troubles, and it seems to have worked. I KNOW it works for keeping my kittens from gnawing off my toes. Mammals really, really dislike the taste of the stuff.)

    Here's what the bottle looks like: