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Aug 6, 2009 06:51 AM

Moving to Manhattan, KS

I'm going to be moving to Manhattan KS and I would love some suggestions for good places to eat. I am originally from Boston so I don't tend to eat seafood unless its locally caught fish. I am not looking for anything too fancy just good quality in the 10 - 15 dollar range or so for entrees. Plus any great dives are also welcome. I would love to know a great breakfast spot as well as dinner. I also have a great love for high quality beer so if anyone has any suggestions of places with a good beer selection that would also be welcomed.


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  1. My absolute favorite in The Little Apple is the Hibachi Hut, 608 N 12th St. There's very little hibachi about it, but it is a great dive with great food. Sorry I'm not up on other Manhattan joints, because you can't pry me out of the place. And remember... you're just under 2 hours away from Kansas City. We used to go KC roadtripping all the time when I was at KSU.

    1. My goto place when I am traveling through Manhattan. Decent price
      and good food.

      Good place to take clients or visiting people. Slightly more

      I am told they have the best breakfast in town.