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Aug 6, 2009 06:38 AM

Dogwood closing?

I walked by Dogwood this morning and the attached sign was taped to the door. It reads ...

As of today, The Dogwood will be closed for the month of August in an effort to reorganize. We hope to reopen in the month of September. Thank you for all of your support.

Oh boy. That doesn't sound good. "Reorganize". "Hope to reopen". Those are red flag words.

This place has gotten alot of press, even nationally. Galean is a top notch chef. Just goes to show you how difficult the restaurant business really is.

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  1. That doesn't sound good at all

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    1. re: hon

      Their phone message is similar. What happened?

          1. re: sweetpotater

            Boring, really? The one time I went (last year if not longer) I thought the food was excellent, on par with like woodberry. Though I guess thats the problem.. even if I liked it, I wasnt compelled to go back.

            1. re: Turkeybone

              I find the space to be uninteresting

              1. re: hon

                That's a shame, especially since they took the noble cause of educating and giving ex-cons a different direction to go in, with instructing them on how to build a career in the culinary field. That effort should definitely be applauded.

                We went there twice last year, once for lunch and the other for dinner, and had very well-prepared food that was fresh and tasty. But I have to agree with the above posters, just not very memorable. A place you always seem to forget is there.
                I did hear a rumor that they were involved in a new venture.
                Hope to see them return, as I will definitely try to support them.

                1. re: hon

                  definitely no curb appeal

                2. re: Turkeybone

                  Wow, no, I've gone back to Woodberry (cocktails, terrific menu, etc) probably 10 times and there was nothing about Dogwood to bring me back. The food was executed fine, nothing special, if uninspired: the side of steamed green beans and carrots says it all. That's what my grandpa gets at his nursing home.

                3. re: sweetpotater

                  I liked the food and the space (actually I liked the decor a lot, considering the odd space they had to work with). I just think the prices were a little north of what people expect to pay in Hampden. I live in the neighborhood and I liked it, but it was more of a special occasion place than a regular drop-in, and it's hard to pay the rent with special occasions. I have my doubts about the new Hampden wine bar for the same reason.

                  1. re: pomme de terre

                    I live in Hampden also and have to say, I kinda like Mamies decor, it looked like a yard sale blew up. That Wine Bar has been pretty crowded since they opened so we'll see.

          2. Scuttlebutt on the street says that Dogwood was sold. To an undisclosed party.

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            1. re: onocoffee

              well scuttle my butt, wonder whats going on...