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Aug 6, 2009 06:36 AM

Upscale business lunch spot in Halifax

I'm looking for a quiet upscale place to hold a business lunch in Halifax. We'll be arriving for 11.
Looking for great service, good food and atmosphere suitable for business conversation.

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  1. I'm assuming you are arriving at 11AM? That may be a bit of an issue as most lunch places don't get going for another half-hour. I would call ahead in all cases.

    I've enjoyed several similar sessions at Gio. If you are making reservations get the table at the elevated far end for some privacy.

    Another very good choice and usually not too busy is O'Carroll's.

    Saege or Piccolo Mondo might also be good options.

    I don't think places like Onyx, Seven or Fid are open at lunch.

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    1. re: Greg B

      Isn't Onyx now a Greek place? (forget the name)

      1. re: spazita

        No, you're thinking of the former Sebastien's, which has been reborn as Estia (sp?).

        I also must correct myself in that I just learned today that Piccolo Mondo is no more. I walked past there tonight and it is being reconstructed.

        During the same walk I discovered that the former Bondi, which then became Fizz, is now yet another incarnation, a Scottish bar called the Loose Cannon.

      2. re: Greg B

        Thanks for the recommendation, Gio looks good, and we like the location. Will call ahead to make sure we're good for 11.

        1. re: Greg B

          Fid is open for lunch Tue-Fri, 11:30am-2:00pm, but I'm unsure whether its atmosphere is conducive to business conversation or not.

          [Edit: oops, somehow missed that you're going to Gio. Have a great lunch!]