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Aug 6, 2009 06:28 AM

Suggestions for dinner before baseball game in Manchester, NH

The title says it all. I am looking for suggestions for dinner for 7 in Manchester. Looking for great food, comfortable atmosphere and the willingness to accommodate a six-year old foodie.

The baseball game starts at 7:30 so we'd be dining early.

As an aside, does anyone know how the food is at Merchantsauto Stadium?

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  1. We go to City Flame Smokehouse before games, although it can get crowded, since they don't have a huge amount of seating.

    1. I've found the food at the Fisher Cats stadium to be good concession food. I think its better than what they serve at the Verizon Wireless for events. The Sam Adams Grill in the left field area has some decent pre-game specials.
      The park made the news earlier this season as PETA named it a veggie-friendly park. Great place to watch a game, hope you get good weather.

      1. 900 Degrees does a good pizza go early, gets crowded
        If your 6 year old is REALLY a foodie, try Pho Golden Bowl for good Viet food.
        Woodman's of Essex has a branch in Litchfield just 6 mi south of Manch at Mel's Funway Park for fried clams

        1. Right downtown: Firefly Bistro and Richard's Bistro for real foodies; the Wild Rover and Shaskeen for more casual diners.

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            Richards is definitely not for a 6yr old, but I do like the recommendation for Firefly. I would also suggest Strange Brew Tavern, they have excellent burgers and other pub style great for a baseball game mood food and the dining room is very kid friendly.