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Aug 6, 2009 04:50 AM

Obika Mozzarella Bar...?

Headed there today around lunch time...What do you recommend I order? Thanks.

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  1. there's a midtown lunch posting on it...

    i work 2 blocks away but have never been. i may try it today actually. what time are you going?

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    1. re: sam1

      Hey Sam...Just got back and saw your reply. Did you go? I had the homemade lemonade (not very impressed), a bread basket, and the caponata all sicilian con pane carasau (sicilian vegetable and tomato casserole with sardinia bread). The ingredients were fresh, but I just wished that I didn't have to pay for the accompanying bread, as the "sardinia bread" was more along the lines of a lavosh.

    2. I often grab sandwiches to go from there. The mozzarella and prosciutto on a baguette is great - especially heated up.

      Try anything with the mozzarella, though. It's very creamy and delicious.

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      1. re: stephaniec25

        You're right, the mozz was delicious. Next time, however, I will definitely get a sandwich. Thanks for the info, Stephanie.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          had a little sandwich yesterday.
          buff mozz and proscuitto on a mini italian bread with basil...oh so good.

        1. Just for anyone else interested, I would definitely go with their salad options and add mozzarella (the smoked is divine). I think the salads are the best options for your money, with all fresh ingredients. I have to say, I wouldn't waste your time going if you don't actually get mozzarella -- and specify that you don't want bread. There is a charge and it's really not worth it.