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Aug 5, 2009 11:57 PM

Paladar (Cuban food), SF w/ pics

First time to Paladar for a very late lunch around 3pm & loved the dish I got. Small restaurant so glad I went late.

Since it's a Cuban restaurant I had to get the sandwich cubano (hot pressed) $9 - Niman roast pork, ham, swiss, pickles, mayo & mustard. It took a good 5-10 min to make it, but it was so good. Nice, hot, crispy bread w/ tender meat. Cheese melted. Will ask for no pickles next time.

I also got Watermelon drink w/ mint $3.25 - it was served on ice, a bit sweet, w/ a bit taste of mint. Nice & refreshing.

Hrs: M-F 10-4p; Sat 11-3

They take credit cards.

Paladar Cafe Cubano
329 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108

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  1. that bread looks about right. i'm impressed from the picture.

    1. That is one great looking cubano sandwich, had me salivating.

      1. When I had it, the one problem was the bread, which was a baguette-like roll that was less crunchy and chewier than it should have been. Has that changed? Otherwise it was as close to perfect as I've found.

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          I am lucky enough to work around the corner and can report that the bread has indeed changed from the earlier roll. Such a good sandwich. The other items are just as fantastic. The pork platter, the chicken soup special, the shrimp sandwich...

          1. re: emmaroseeats

            I keep hearing about Cubano sandwiches in SFBA and now there is one a short walk from my hotel -- oh bliss. Thanks for the updates, HHC and emma. On the list for a FiDi lunch in November :-).

            I notice the Places link says closed Sat and Sun, whereas the OP says open Sat 11-3...

            1. re: grayelf

              Grayelf, yes I asked about the Sat deal and the lady said they are open Sat 11-3 and their website says it too.


              1. re: hhc

                Sorry, shoulda checked their website myself! I just tried to update the Places link and there is no option to edit... guess I'll head over to Site Talk and see if something's up... yup, I see Chow HQ put a moratorium on adding new resto place links/updating existing ones on July 29...