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Aug 5, 2009 11:13 PM

Stone Ground Grits

Are there any stores in the L.A. area that sell them? Preferably on the eastside because I live near Eagle Rock.

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  1. The only store I've found that in in LA was Surfas, and it sure ain't cheap. If you need it tomorrow I think that's your only bet. If you want it next week, Anson Mills and a dozen other sources will be happy to sell various sizes of containers online. I hope you understand that what these bags contain is not HOMINY grits, but CORN grits, something akin to polenta (which Surfas also carries, including coarse-ground whole-grain).

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    1. re: Will Owen

      isn't hominy corn that's been through a process?

      1. re: 1munchy1

        Yes. Called "nixtamalized" after the Mexican hominy. Dried corn is soaked in a lye solution then (usually) dried; the soaking makes it puff up and it also does something useful to the nutritional content, can't remember what. Commercial hominy grits (such as Quaker or Albers) are ground from dried hominy. I don't think any of the boutique stone mills are grinding anything but their favorite varieties of dried field corn.

    2. Check out Whole Foods and look and see if they have Bob's Red Mill Polenta. There's also a Orowheat outlet in South Pasadena on Mission that carries some Bob's Red Mill products.

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        I did try the Whole Foods on Arroyo Pkwy. but not very recently. I'm not sure if all WF stores in this region carry the same items I'll give the Oroweat outlet a try. I haven't been there in quite a long time.

      2. You can order Stone Ground Grits from Hoppin John's - they are the real deal

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          Here are three other online sources. The first two also sell dry-cured pork products and other Southern delicacies:

          1. re: Will Owen

            Also try for east coast stone/grist mill products.

        2. Some of the Bimbo (formerly Weber, etc) outlet stores carry the Bob's Red Mill products:

          The last time I was at the El Segundo store, they did.

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