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New to Maryville, Tennessee

I will be spending a few months in Maryville and would like suggestions for dining out - good local food, both casual and dressy - and places to buy nice ingredients for home cooking. I don't have a clue! I'm Canadian. What is the local cuisine?

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  1. The Tomato Head downtown is a great little lumch place--excellent sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. Very casual.

    1. Today's Thursday. This afternoon, about 3pm, drive north on Alcoa Hwy to KNoxville and just after the river, turn onto Kingston Pike. Drive west about a mile and watch for the Farmers' Market signs on the right. In a church parking lot, you'll find a good selection of local foods.

      A bit farther west on Kinston Pike, you'll see Longs Drug Store onthe left: old fashioned grill hamburgers. On the left, another 0.2 miles west is the Shrimp Shack, with great sea food fresh from the coasts as well as frozen entrees to go.

      1. Thanks to both of you. That is very helpful info. I don't arrive for another 10 days.

        1. I don't even know where Maryville is, but here's another resource for you:

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          1. You will have a really excellent restaurant right in Maryville, the Foothills Milling Company at 315 Washington Street South. It is a little pricy but has a truely a wonderful, creative menu. I would also second The Tomato Head at 211 W. Broadway for a more casual place. Both have informative websites.

            1. Don't miss RT Lodge...RIGHT IN MARYVILLE!! Close to the campus at Maryville College.

                1. Lived in Maryville for 15 years. I've been away for a while but my recommendations:
                  Foothills Milling
                  Lemongrass for Thai and sushi
                  There was a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant near Foothills mall that has great Vietnamese grilled pork.

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                  1. Also close to Maryville College, on Washington Street, is a new place called Full Service Bar-B-Que. The location was once a gas station (hence the name "Full Service"), it's a drive in place, and very affordable. They smoke all their food on the premises, do some excellent pulled pork, pulled chicken that will make your mouth water and ribs. Their signature sauce is called "Tennessee Whisky Sauce". A favorite! I suggest it for your first taste of Southern Barbeque.

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                      Thanks, KTBearW. I was wondering how I was going to choose a BBQ place. There are so many. I tried Tomato Head and wasn't that impressed with their cheese quesadilla. I'm 57 yr and they asked for ID. It must be a TN thing! I think I'll try out Foothills Milling Co tonight. It seems to have a lovely menu.

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                        Everyone is required to show an ID to buy booze in TN now, even my 80 yr. old granny!

                        1. re: Jeff C.

                          That is one way to feel young again! I did eat at Full Service yesterday but haven't posted on my blog yet. It was great. Jeff, are you the person I was talking to? I forgot to ask a name.

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                            No. I actually live in North Carolina but have friends and family in Maryville and visit often.

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                            Ha! I'm 31 and my husband is 40. I am always carded, and he never is. Even when we eat together, this is the rule, leading us to wonder what our relationship looks like to the waiters...

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                              lol...I had lunch at Sullivan's today and they didn't ask! And they never ask when I buy wine at a liquor store.

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                                I'm fifty years old, and I always get carded when I buy beer at the grocery stores there.

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                                  You are just a young'un. I guess they are just being polite to me! What did you think of Sullivan's? I had the daily special - deep fried catfish & fries with coleslaw and hush puppies. It was yummy.

                                  1. re: sarah galvin

                                    I've only been to Sullivan's once, right after they opened. I wasn't that impressed. Sounds like I should try it again.