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Obscure micro-beers -- is there a store like Galco's to get them at?

A friend of mine sent me four cans of Furious from the Surly brewing company in Minneapolis. I used to brew, used to buy obscure beers for the restaurants I owned -- but I've never had a better beer. Wow! Super hoppy, but bright and floral and --

yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough with the poetry -- I want some!

They don't distribute here, at least officially. But I'm wondering if there are any beer shops around town that collect these regional beer gems the way Galco's does sodas.

Anyone know? I suspect there might be interstate liquor laws involved -- but maybe not.

Help! I'm parched!

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  1. Have you already tried Galco's? They claim to carry over 500 different beers. But I don't think they list them on the website because they can't sell beer online. Maybe if they don't stock it, they could order it for you.

    1. You might give a call to Hollingshead Deli in Orange. The fellow who owns it (Ken) and his family - most of whom work there - are from Wisconson so they can relate. They stock all sorts of beers and ales, primarily from California, Germany, Belgium and the UK, but you never know...

      1. There are a couple of shops that carry beer that is not supposed to be distributed in CA. I won't post their names on a public board because I won't be the cause of their getting in trouble but if you ask around in shops that carry craft beer you will find them. Sorry I can't be more direct.

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          I'll just say that if one searches the message boards over at ratebeer or beeradvocate, once can find such shops ;-)

          Also, the OP might consider getting into trading beers with people in other parts of the country. Again, details available at those message boards...

        2. I go to Wally's on Westwood for a good selection of micro- and import-beers. I haven't seen any from MPLS (or the midwest really), though I did just return from MPLS. They sometimes order beers if you request them. They definitely have a good selection of hoppy beers (Victory, Dogfish, Stone, etc...).

          1. Cap N' Cork is in Los Feliz, hillhurst and prospect. They have a good microbrew selection but not as abundant as their imports

            1. Hi Time Wines in Costa Mesa has an amazing selection of beer. You can browse most of it here: http://www.hitimewine.net/

              1. Hey, thanks everybody! Lots of good options here. I've wanted to get to Galco's to get Sprecher root beer (they used to make some really amazing beers too, back int heir original brewery). I thought I'd hgear they did beers, too, but the website headfaked me. I should've known better.

                As a Pasadena boy, that's gonna be my first stop, but I really appreciate all the other options.

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                  I was at Beverage Warehouse in Mar Vista today - they were reorganizing the area around their beer section - they must have at least a few hundred labels there. What are they making room for? The beer guy's vote is - more kinds of beer. their just a couple of right turns off the 90 freeway when you exit at Culver Blvd.

                2. I know every beer spot in SoCal, including the ones that distribute under the radar. Everyone here has made some good suggestions as to where to find great beer, but you won't find any Furious or Surly beers. If someone was pulling in some Surly, the local beer crowd would buy it up in seconds. Having said that you can find some Three Floyds (Dreadnaught, Alpha King), as well as a multitude of beers as good as Furious (which I too LOVE). Go to Whole Foods and try a Green Flash West Coast IPA for starters.

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                    Hmm, you might be right -- they're production isn't very big. I'll try that Green Flash, though. I got away from hops for a few years, but suddenly I crave bitter. I used to be a big fan of Buffalo Bill's "Alimony Ale" -- they had a very accurate and witty slogan: "The bitterest brew in America." I think Furious is actually more bitter, though.

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                      I know this doesn't answer your question exactly, but if you like Furious you may also like Pliny the Elder by Russian River. Like Furious it comes in at 100 IBUs. It's available on tap at Father's Office and in bottles at Whole Foods. Green Flash West Coast IPA and Bear Republic Racer 5 are two other outstanding Californian IPAs.

                      California is probably the best place to live in these days if you love great hoppy beers.

                    2. Do you mean domestic micro brews, international micro brews (NOT imports, micro brews) or what.

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                        Well, I am specifically looking for Surly products -- but I'm open. Places that carry the hard-to-find stuff usually do domestic and foreign also, but whatever....

                      2. K & L winery on Vine and sunset has a great selection of beers that grows every time i'm in there. also 2nd the rec for cap & cork on hillhurst & prospect in los feliz.