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Aug 5, 2009 08:53 PM

nominations: weird food items in msp

mine is the veggie burger at be' wiched.

now, i love be' wiched. i love their pastrami, i love their soups, and the staff are very friendly. but their veggie burger, with it's distinct ***beetiness*** (not to say it's a bad thing). . . it's just *weird*. so weird that a long time after i ordered this veggie burger, i can't help but think about it (& its weirdness, its very strange soft yet crispy texture). maybe that's a good thing.

let's highlight the weirdness around town. please name bizarre menu items, strange foods, unique edible relics from other eras, etc. not looking for unusual cuisines this time, more looking for memorably goofy or unusual foods. what have you run across, even eaten. . . that's kind of weird?

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  1. A beety veggie burger? Weird! I wish I liked beets - it sounds kinda good.

    Me, I nominate the "Tasty Crackers" from Keefer Court - those addictive sweet-and-smoky nuggets that contain just a touch of pork fat. Or maybe it's more than a touch - it seems like a tiny chunk 'o pork fat wrapped with a slightly sweet dough, then baked until the edges caramelize a bit. Oh so weird, and oh so good!

    Contrary to the info in the above thread, they're not a seasonal treat, though they aren't always available. But there were some on the counter when I was at Keefer Court last week. (I mention this in case someone else needs a taste...)


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      Anne, I *THINK* i know what it is - i'll reply in the other thread :)

    2. As the defender of the cream cheese wonton, I’ll throw it out as a Twin Cities oddity. Sure it’s a cheap version of crab rangoon, which is an American invention, too. I have no clue why folks are so down on cream cheese wontons and the pink sweet goop with which it is served, but when a cream cheese wonton is cooked right it is just about the tastiest thing on the planet.

      To be specific I nominate Pepito’s lupitas. What a dang wacky food it is… *sweet* flour shells topped with meat or beans, cheese and a jalapeno slice? Sounds awful, but it really is delightful.

      Now I’ve never tried this but I always think about ordering the orange malt at The Malt Shop. Then I think about the fries and how good a chocolate/chocolate malt will taste with those beauties and darned if I don’t change my mind every time. Not sure how unique orange (and as they say availability is based on orange availability – this is not syrup, but real oranges), is, but it strikes me as odd. They also have cantaloupe.

      Nut Goodie. Admit it, it’s just downright weird.

      Apparently I have the palate of a hung-over 19 year old.

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      1. re: MplsM ary

        Yay! Another lover of the cream cheese wonton. I'll never pretend it's gourmet, but one of my favorite comfort foods many years ago was the cream cheese wontons at the old Panda Express on Hennepin--there, they put the sweet goop in the wonton with the cream cheese, and it was like delicious deep fried candy.

      2. I nominate the now-gone corned beef and cabbage egg rolls at the late Chang O'Hara's on Selby in St. Paul. Incredibly. Weirdly. Delicious. I mean, it makes sense: meat and cabbage in an egg roll, duh. But the IDEA of Irish-Chinese fusion bar snacks is just so tough to get one's head around (all the weird possibilities there, right?), and therefore unforgettable.

        I want one right now.


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        1. re: cayjohan

          They make an absolutely delicious corned beef egg roll at McGarry's in Maple Plain, if you're willing to make the hike. I want one right now too!

        2. this is in rochester not msp - cream cheese in sushi at Sushi Itto. Actually tasted pretty good but just never would've thought to use cream cheese in sushi.

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          1. re: Ummm

            It's pretty common -- salmon & cream cheese is often called a bagel roll or Philly roll.

            1. re: Jordan

              i guess most of my sushi experience was back in australia so not sure if it's a US thing?

              1. re: Ummm

                Lutefisk , 7-layer mexican casseroles people bring to potlucks

          2. Sauerkraut Pizza. Have not yet tried it, although I am very curious...

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            1. re: MrSlippery

              Doctor-up even a frozen pizza with sauerkraut and it's delicious. Try it. Just squeeze out the excess liquid and sprinkle around your pie. I would have to admit to sauerkraut being one of my top 5 toppings, easily.

              1. re: MrSlippery

                Double yummy is what Sauerkraut Pizza is. I love it!