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Aug 5, 2009 08:19 PM

Modern Bar Room- thoughts???

Hey, considering dining in the Bar Room at Modern on Friday evening for an early dinner. I know they accept walk-ins and it is not jackets required like their upscale counterpart The Modern dining room which makes it very appealing.

I have heard from many they even enjoy eating at the Bar Room over the Dining Room. After checking out both menus, I actually think the Bar Room menu appeals to me more. More choices and more inventive options in my opinion. I like the fact that you can basically create your own menu by choosing from the "one", "two" (both appetizers), and "three" (half sized entrees). The prices do seem a bit high however, considering the portion sizes. But, if the food is worth it I do not mind springing for a great meal.

Questions are....What is everyone's opinion on the food here? Will I wait long without a reservation at around 5:30 on Friday night? Is it worth it/not? I know the chef Gabriel K (forget the whole last name) won the James Beard award for best chef so he must be doing something for Pete's sake.

I was considering ordering the duck breast, pork belly, and duck confit as my three courses. That alone will set me back $60, however, like I said I do not mind if the food is worth it. They all sound really delicious! Oh and the beignets and sundae sound pretty awesome for dessert as well haha.

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  1. the chef is Gabriel Kreuther...but i can't comment on the food because unfortunately i haven't been there yet!

    1. I love the Bar Room, especially early when I can chat with the bartenders and have a nice meal and fun conversation with some of the more personable servers. The portions are small; this is not a place I would go for to feast, rather this is a place for conversation to flow freely as the drinks and a light supper. The dishes you specified are on the rich side so perhaps you may find the portions satisfying, especially given the tendency to eat lightly in this humidity and heat.

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        I am actually looking for a lighter meal on Friday and have wanted to try The Modern for awhile, so I figured the Bar Room would be a great way to experience it. Like you said the dishes I chose are rich, so I figure the portions would be just right in order to satisfy my appetite. Just wanted to make sure the quality of the food was worth it. Seems from your words that you really enjoy it. I guess walking in would not be a problem without a reservation, although I would rather sit at a table than at the bar.

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          It has admittedly been a while since I've been there, but I've never snagged a table without a reservation. When I show up spur of the moment, I sit at the bar.

      2. I recently had dinner at the Bar Room and thought it was among the best meals I have had, anywhere! If you like tuna tartare (upside down tuna tart), this is the place to get it -- outstanding! My grilled yellowfin tuna with crisy veal sweetbreads entree was a bit small, but delicious and allowed room for the heavenly dessert -- hazelnut dacquoise -- kind of like the best candy bar ever, still dreaming about it! Tasted the duck breat, also very good, and the house rose was excellent.

        We had a reservation, and while we didn't request it, got a great spot alongside the partition to the main restaurant -- roomy, comfortable, and great for surveying the scene.

        1. Hey Steakrules,
          I am one of those people that prefer the bar-room over the main dining room. In my view, the menu in the bar room is more accessible, but the food equally delicious. What puts the bar room ahead for me is the light buzz that fills the room during dinner, whereas the I find the dining room a much more refined and sedate affair.

          My only suggestion is that you make a reservation, especially on a Friday, because the Bar room fills up quickly. If you'd prefer not to, you can try your luck, and if there's no room in the bar room for you, you could always just have a seat at the actual bar (which is in the same room but somewhat separate from the actual 'bar room'). I've done this a few times too, and agree with JungMann that the bartenders are genuinely good people to have conversations with.


          1. the chopped liver at the bar is outstanding