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Aug 5, 2009 08:00 PM

Pre-Wolf Trap on a Budget?

My 19 year old godson needs help. He has a first date with a 17 year old girl he likes to Wolf Trap. There are some cultural issues and the parents of the girl assumed they were also invited. I bought the extra lawn seats for them and suggested they have a picnic , but that idea was pooh-poohed.

Ideally, we would like to find a restaurant -probally ethnic- where four can dine for under $100.00 including tax and tip. The parents are likely to order a drink or two.

He (and the group) would be coming from Leesburg heading east on 7. Can anyone think of a nice hole in the wall in Ashburn or Herndon that would fit the bill- - no Chinese but other Asian is fine.

he will be mowing and painting to pay me back.

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  1. Now that I've picked my self up off the floor at the thought that a nineteen year old might be expected to pay for a meal and, especially, alcoholic beverages for his date's parents, here's an appealing suggestion: Rose Restaurant (Maple Avenue, Vienna)

    The institutional look of the restaurant is the only drawback. The Turkish/Middle Eastern food is lovely and the prices are excellent.

    Here's a link to another Chowhound thread about Rose Restaurant that includes a copy of the menu with 2007 prices.

    Incidentally, Rose Restaurant is located about three miles from Wolf Trap. Your nephew would reach it by taking Maple Ave to Beulah Road which essentially becomes Trap Road, the location of Wolf Trap.

    1. Is there a specific ethnicity that should be pointed to?

      Thai: Thai Luang in Reston - make sure to get good directions. Polly G has said good things about Thai by Thai in Sterling - RT7 near Dranesville Rd. I trust Polly, but haven't made it there yet myself.

      1. you are a generous godparent, for sure. just curious, who pooh-poohed the picnic? it's a tradition!

        i was going to suggest rose restaurant, as well.

        1. how about eating at the restaurant at Wolf Trap itself but my top choice would be to go to Balducci's or Wegmans, pick out a lovely picnic, throw in some beer or wine (actually the culturally retarded parents should supply this) and sit at one of the many picnic tables in the park at Wolf Trap

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            good idea, doc. it's also a good "test" of the parents' flexibility-adaptability-mellowness..... ;-).

          2. Thanks to all that responded. The godson has gotten himself into a teen-age modern dilemma that I at the age of 57, don't quite understand but other parents seem to understand . The 19 year old boy and the 17 year old girl have been "internet dating" for two years. They have actually met on 4 occasions, all at the girl's house where the parents fixed dinner . She is not allowed to be in a car with him driving although he has a spotless record.

            The godson is about to leave for college and thought he would like to take her on a real date-bought tickets to Wolftrap. It seems that he asked the parents permission with a bit of braggadacio or empty boasting. I think he put the kabash on the picnic -feeling like it should be a really nice date. They live a 1 hour drive apart and never mentioned to the father that he would like to pick the girl up and drive alone with her. So the parents assumed that everyone was going----he didn't have the hutzpah to say differently. He was concerned that the mother would have a hard time with the heat for a picnic and didn't see how he could heft it up the hill with grace.

            I think he has learned about communication and worked very hard over the past three days to pay me back. He seems to respect the father and like the structure of the father's inflexibility-which might be a good thing in that he cannot be alone with her until both of them are responsible. It's a throwback to the fifties.

            Bottom line is he found Observer restaurant week deal at the Melting Pot in Reston. He is bringing a cooler full of water and suggested to the parents that if they would like a glass of wine before the concert , they should bring a bottle and he will chill it.

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              sounds like it's working out. ;-).