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Aug 5, 2009 07:46 PM

Great Thai or Vietnamese Restaurant (that delivers) in Gramercy/Union Square area

i'm coming down to the city to babysit my brand new nephew this friday, so i'll be holed up in an apt all day. it's nearly impossible to find good Thai and Vietnamese restaurants up in the Hudson Valley, so i'm planning to indulge a little. I particularly love pad thai and bo luc lac. Any suggestions would be great. TIA!

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  1. L'Annam on University there is also one in Gramercy
    Saigon Grill on University (though, I'm not sure about their delivery)
    Both of these restaurants are vietnamese
    Jaiya in Gramercy for Thai

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      I live right by the Gramercy L'Annam, and I am definitely not a fan. Saigon is only okay, as well. There really aren't any *good* vietnamese places in the neighborhood that deliver, but I think Bao Noodles is the least awful of them all. Baoguette may deliver, so that would probably be your best bet if they do. Limited menu, but passable food.

      I 100%, whole-heartedly agree with Jaiya. Though I typically do take-out, not delivery. I think people have complained about their delivery times, and I don't believe they're on seamlessweb or So caveat emptor on the delivery. :-)

    2. Jaiya (ha, that's from a curb our enthusiasm episode and if it means what they say, i wouldnt want to eat there). ;-)
      How about Bao Noodles. It is sooooo delish. Veitnamese
      2nd ave btwn 22nd and 23rd

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        I've found Bao Noodles to be incredibly inconsistent over the past few years (starting right around the time Michael Bao/Huynh moved on to his next project), but I'll agree that you can't do much better in the neighborhood aside from Baoguette (his latest, where the flavors still seem to be quality-controlled).
        If you're on the Union Square side of Gramercy (South of 23rd), you might consider ordering from either Zabb City or Rhong Tiam Express for Thai. Zabb City has excellent Isaan salads, while Rhong Tiam (which operates out of the grotesque and obnoxious Kurve lounge space) hits high notes with their noodle dishes in my experience. I've been able to convince both to deliver up to 21st Streeet, albeit with some initial resistance.

        Zabb City
        244 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

        Rhong-Tiam Express
        239 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003

        61 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010

        1. re: CalJack

          I pretty much gave up on Bao Noodles after having to wait an hour for pickup, on a day when there were very few tables seated. And the food was terrible when I got it.

          Baoguette is pretty consistent in everything except the amount of spice - yowza!

          1. re: windycity

            Oh, here's the deal with Baoguette's spiciness.

            Mild = Sriracha
            Medium = Sriracha and Jalapenos
            Hot = Sriracha and Thai Peppers
            Very hot= Sriracha and more Thai Peppers.

            No Spice = no sriracha or peppers.

            I like fairly spicy food, but I normally order mild, and then put more sriracha on it. Don't care for fresh peppers much.

      2. thanks for all the advice! it seemed like there was a dearth of good vietnamese places, so i ended up having lunch at spice and ordering dinner from stand burger. i liked the spring rolls and pad thai from spice (and i loved the $7 lunch special price). the burger from stand was okay. the sesame bun was a little too fluffy for my taste. the toasted marshmallow shake was outstanding though. thanks anyway!