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Aug 5, 2009 07:21 PM

tenderloin bars

I'll be getting into SF around 11 pm, and I'm looking for a bar in the tenderloin that won't be packed and isn't excessively seedy. Any suggestions?

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  1. Your arrival time throws a spanner in the works--the places that come to mind [Bambudha Lounge, Olive, Soluna] seem to close at around 11:00 might call Bourbon and Branch to see if they stay open later...

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      I like Whiskey Theives. A bit divey, but a great whisky selection, not too pricey, and great music. They make some nice cocktails, but stay away from their old fashioned.

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        Depends on the day - Olive, for example, closes early M-Th but is open to 2am on Fri and Sat.

        Edinburgh Castle deserves mention. 2am every day, lots of scotch.

        What about Rye?

        The union square hotels are also a short walk from the 'loin.

      2. Whiskey Thieves on Geary near Larkin. Great whiskey, whisky, bourbon, and scotch selection, and it's not *excessively* seedy. Prices are reasonable, and last time I was there they were no longer allowing people to smoke inside.

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          Castle Club (823 Geary) is a small joint with a couple of TVs usually showing sports. Attractive Asian barkeeps.

        2. I'm sure that these won' t meet your specs but it's a nice thread.

          1. Rye could work - nice mixed drinks and a decent vibe, somewhat upscale. Geary & Leavenworth.

            If you want food with your drink, you could stop by Tommy's Joint at the edge of the t-loin at Van Ness & Geary. They will be open late and have a huge alcohol selection.