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Aug 5, 2009 06:46 PM

A Winning dinner at Madeline's

After being blown off at Blowfish tonight by not having my reservation honoured, I was able to snag a reservation at Madeline's to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.

It was my second time at Madeline's and it surely did not dissapoint. We had a lovely meal complete with great service. We shared a number of wonderful items that were perfect for a summer evening: Orange and red beet salad with fennel, oranges, curly endive and walnuts, spinach gnocci with beans and pine nuts, another salad with fresh artichoke hearts, grilled corn with lime butter and chili, duck confit and crab cakes. The food was brought out in a very thoughful and methodical way. We each had a fabulous Japanese margareta with plum sake.

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  1. A resourceful Chowhound. You made something good out of a bad deal.

    1. I am glad you had a good experience there. I went during the "summerlicious" promo and I was VERY dissapointed. People all say that Summerlicious sucks in general and to not expect much but this was probably the worst Summerlicious experience I have ever had.

      I am guessing they chose not to feature their innovation/quality of food in the 'licious menu. Maybe I should go their for their normal service but I feel if they can't pull off a decent meal for 'licious they don't deserve my regular business. Having said that, I am going to Lee tonight for their "susurlicious" menu. Again, maybe I am in for a bad meal but one of my friends wanted to check it out so will take the risk.

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        I hope you have a great meal. My experience at Lee and Madeline's has been that the servers are very knowledgeable about what's great. I would let them guide you, or better yet ask to speak to the chef. Having said that, there may be no wiggle room with "Suserlicious"- is that a tasting menu?