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Aug 5, 2009 06:35 PM


I had made a reservation at Blowfish almost four weeks ago for this evening to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. I called to confirm this afternoon, and was informed that the restaurant was not serving dinner this evening. When I explained that I had definitely not received a phone call, I was flatly informed that everyone had been called. I had the reservationist repeat my mobile phone number and it was correct. I know I hadn't gotten a call. I wasn't offered to book dinner for another evening. What really irked me was that there was absolutely not one ounce of remorse, no apology, nothing....! The whole situation is really quite mind boggling. Clearly, customer relations is not a priority at Blowfish.

Fortunately, I avoided a very embarassing situation and managed to get a reservation at Madeline's, Susus Lee's spot across the street. We had a lovely dinner. I will share the details in another post.

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  1. wow.. that really sucks. too bad because its a really nice place. i hope they see this. no one should be treated like that.

    1. Definitely write a letter to management - that's terrible service.

      1. i drove by last night and the place was f'ing JUMPING.

        i can hear the music coming out of it in my car and 4 girls in cocktail dresses went up to the door to speak to the door person, something special must be going on last night.

        it's absolute BS that didn't get in touch with you to let you konw, good thing you called and made alternate arrangement

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          The reservationist actually lied to me and told me they were renovating and that's why they weren't serving dinner. I actually suspected there was an event going on, but left Madeline's before the music was hopping, so didn't know for sure.

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            if that's the case writing a letter won't do anything. its a smaller place.. i guess they make the rules as they go... too bad.

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          1. Blowfish relies on selling mediocre North Americanized Japanese to patrons who just go to pack a restaurant they see as trendy.

            ... and it continues to do brisk business, even with food and customer service as afterthoughts.

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              they actually rely on selling booze and don't care about the food anymore. they want to pack the place as a club, not restaurant. i was actually across the street at the Wheat Sheaf for a quart and saw the doormen ready for a club night.

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                Well one of the owners is a club owner and his priority is definitely not about the food. That being said, I do love some of the items on their menu such as the Ebe shooters and duck dishes.

                I was at the "new menu" tasting on the 9th - (another closed to the public event). None of us were impressed. There was absolutely ZERO creativity or pizzazz! Very boring new shrimp, eggplant and tuna dishes.

                Given the stature of Blowfish and the prices they charge, it is very unfortunate that they don't take a crack at some innovation. If it weren't for the fabulous beancurd wrap shooters and the great room, I would never want to go back.

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                  i'm not surprised. i used to like the food when i moved back in 2002. it was creative and tasty. like all things, people move on and i'm doubting that the same people are working the kitchen. i'll only drink there now.