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Aug 5, 2009 05:34 PM

203 sovereign states

Hey. I'm doing this project for my blog where I am researching, planning, cooking and blogging about the cuisine of all 203 sovereign states, one per week, in alphabetical order. I start next week with Afghanistan. So here's what I need help with. Foreign groceries, delis, restaurants, etc... I know where the standard (Spanish Table, Delaurentis, Bavarian Meats, etc...) are to purchase foreign groceries/ingredients but I'm sure there are hundreds of shops I don't know about. Middle Eastern groceries? Russian groceries? The list of nations is on my blog and if you know of any place that I could go for ingredients or even a meal for inspiration I would super appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. Cool idea. You will not need it for awhile, but George's Deli in First Hill is great for Polish Foods

    For Afgan Kabul is a good place to go

    Looking forward to seeing the list

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      Awesome. Never been to George's. Kabul is yummy. Thanks.

    2. Awesome idea, Violet Strychnine!!! I've been trying to collect most of this kind of information myself over the last 2 years, and have selfishly kept it to myself thus far.... and still want to learn more. I'm excited to see what you come up with.

      My (veeeery limited) understanding of Afghani cuisine is that it falls under the umbrella of 'greater Persian' cuisine, and anyplace with Persian ingredients will have most of what you need for Afghan food, too. Please weigh in with corrections to this, though!

      Here's my thoughts on locations for Persian (probably mostly or all Iranian, but will include Afghan?) groceries:
      Pars Market, in Bellevue - 2331 140th Ave NE # B - have lavash bread, tons of pickles and syrups, and even fresh dates when they're in season! Also have the newly published "New Food of Life" book on Persian cuisine, although I think it's all Iranian food

      Neda Persian Grocery, in Bellevue - never been there.

      Persian Mini Grocery & Deli, in Bellevue - also never been there

      Pacific Market, in Lake City - 12332 Lake City Way NE - Persian importer and small attached restaurant

      The Souk, in Pike Place Market - my emergency stop for Persian food (in case you need barberries RIGHT NOW). Although they specialize more in Northern African Arabic stuff, there is some overlap here with Persian ingredients in case you can't get up to Lake City or over to Bellevue.

      Good luck! Have fun eating at Kabul!

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        Thanks Evergreengirl! Super helpful. I will definitely check these shops out. I've only been to The Souk. Good for a few basic Middle Eastern ingredients. and World Spice is intrigued by my idea and will help me get whatever spices I need. I never knew that Bellevue had such a large Persian community. Thanks again.

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          Ooooh, you have World Spice in on this?? Very exciting. I look forward to hearing about any successful acquisitions through them that you found difficult elsewhere.


      2. You should check out this post that has been put together about a 102 different cuisines. It should help you or at least give you some ideas:

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          Thanks BallardFoodie. It definitely helps.