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Aug 5, 2009 05:22 PM

Has anyone here bought a "green pan" frying pan?

Picked one up a few days ago at Marshall's .... ceramic lined and from Italy. So far, I've used it successfully for chicken paprikash one night and then white clam sauce tonight. For $10, it seems very good! Just thought I'd ask if anyone else has tried these pans. Thanks, Chow-loves!

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  1. I purchased the Todd English green pan which is a piece of junk. Its performance after heavy usage over a short duration is no different than cheap anodized fry pans. So, for the price, I feel like it was a rip off. Its still usable but I will not purchase additional pieces.

    I also own a Cuisinart green pan which I have had extremely good experiences. I have made omelets to sautéing chicken breasts with absolutely no sticking or oiling.

    Overall, I don't see me spending anymore in green pans unless I needed to replace my Cuisinart pan.

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    1. re: cityhopper

      You are so right cityhopper! Crap. Everything, and I mean everything sticks to them after the first "seasoning." You have to use Brillo to get the gunk that builds up in the pans in order to use them again. For some reason, oil congeals on them. Total ripoff. It's cast-iron all the way for me for safe, reliable non-stick cookware.

      1. re: cityhopper

        did you have to put up with joy mangano hawking it on hsn, shouting over the show host (with todd trying to stay out of the fray and show himself frying some food)?

        1. re: alkapal

          Cooks Illustrated just reviewed a bunch of them and generally slammed them as not ready for prime time..

        2. re: cityhopper

          I also (foolishly) purchased a "Todd English" green pan. Used it one time, total disaster. Sent it back and got a refund. IMO, it was the opposite of nonstick. And nearly impossible to clean.

        3. Why would a ceramic lined pan do anything well? Ceramic is an insulator - your heat conduction would suck.. I can see ceramics for low-temp stuff in an oven, but you have to do a quick temp change to save a sauce, you'd be screwed..

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            1. Greenpan on TV Info commercials, have mixed reviews, biggest complaint have read surface wears out in 6 months or so and Non-stick not as good as advertised.
              Same for Todd English green pan, like all non-stick pans they need to be seasoned before using, follow mfg instructions. Only use wood or plastic utensils in them. Use medium- High heat, pans will last longer. You get what you pay for.