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Aug 5, 2009 05:15 PM

Great Asian & Mexican around Toronto and best of Entertainment Book

My wife and I planned a trip to Toronto over labor day, where we live has a terrible array of Asian & Mexican restaurants, we are excited to sample as many great restaurants as possible during our 3 nights/4 days in Toronto. We both really love chinese, thai and mexican. We dont care if its a hole in the wall or pinky finger, as long as the food is great. I would really appreciate a few suggestions.

A friend of mine gave me a Toronto entertainment book, are any of these places good?

Akco Lounge
I Love Sushi
Sagano Roof Top Japanese Dining
Syogun Sushi Bar
C'est Bon
Mai Thai
Thai Angels Authentic Thai Cuisine
Imperial Buffet
Bright Pearl Chinese Restautant
Green Basil
Thai Elephant Cafe
Pi-Tom's Thai Cuisine

Gonzo's Mexican Restaurant
Tequila Sunrise
La Cabana Authentic Mexican Food

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  1. Mexican is not Toronto's strong point. Whereabouts are you coming from? Identify what's lacking in your city that you can find here.

    That list is not very impressive, I would pass on all of it.

    Thai favourites in this city amongst the board are sukhothai and mengrai thai.

    Chinese, there have been lots of tourists threads, try this.

    Most important question, do you have access to a car. Are you willing to commute to the burbs or do you want to stay w/i downtown.

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      Aser, thanks for replying, we are coming from Meadville and we will have a car, so driving wont be an issue, downtown would be better, but for a great meal I would be willing to drive. If the mexican is mediocre, then we will stick with the Asian and Italian.

    2. my fave finds in the ent. book are Insomnia, Utopia, Mt. Everest, Kathmandu, Kama Kama buffet and the best by far is Mezzetta.

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      1. Good Mexican is few and far between, but I've been told from my Mexican friend that Rebozos is the best place for authentic Mexican food - and it's cheap. It's not downtown so you'll have to drive.