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Aug 5, 2009 05:15 PM

Going up PCH to Ventura, looking for BLUE CRABS!!

My man and I are headed up PCH for a scenic drive to the city of Ventura, starting in Venice.
Can anyone confirm if any of the seafood "shacks" serve boiled or steamed blue crab?
I do not like dungeness or king crab. We'd like to stay coastal but would consider driving inland if the place is worth it.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I grew up on the east coast and been to those crab shacks where they serve you the dozen blue crabs on the beer trays.
      Hate to say I'm a dungeness crab convert....more meat for less work.

      First place that came to mind when you mentioned shack joint was Neptune's Net and they've got other crabs there like rock crab, but I don't remember ever seeing blue crabs.

    2. Blue crabs typically grow in the Atlantic or Gulf coast, so I doubt they are real prevalent out here.

      Are you talking about soft shell crabs, b/c that season is almost over. And typically they're served fried, and sometimes in a sandwich. Sorry can't rec any places, just asking for clarification.

      1. Yes, blue crabs is what I am speaking about. They are available in retail markets and at Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach.

        I am aware that blue crabs are not indigenous to the Pacific.

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        1. re: Veggietales

          I've never seen blue crabs at the two seafood "shacks" on that drive (Malibu Seafood and Neptune's). Sorry.

          There are quite a few restaurants on the drive that serve one sort of seafood or another, but none of them are the type of place that would cover the table with brown paper and hand you some crabs and a mallet.

          You're going to be driving through some pricey real estate (where folks want big crabs, not little ones) followed by some countryside-ish real estate where not too many people live (and therefore don't have enough patrons to justify the hassle of getting their hands on blue crabs). You could call around and ask, but I think it would probably be a waste of time.

          If I were making that drive, I'd either pick up a sandwich to-go at Bay Cities, or stop at Malibu Seafood, or wait until I got to Oxnard for Mexican.

        2. Unfortunately you missed Hungry Cat's now annual Blue Crab Fest at the end of June. As fun and delicious as they are, very few places out here seem to bother, what with all the available dungeness et al. But I'm sure there are other places that have that in their bag of tricks.

          I'm guessing you might have better luck if you were driving south through the other beach towns, but perhaps someone else knows of a Blue Crab stash heading north?