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Aug 5, 2009 04:51 PM

Nasty, guilty pleasures

Aside from being a foodie, I occasionally enjoy some of this town's lesser delights. Fast food, drunk food, late night food, and all around general crap.

In no particular order:

1) Ultimate Cheeseburger at Jack In The Box: Just what it says it is. Burgers and cheese. No condiments. (Perhaps no meat, either. Just 'meat like' substance that they call meat at fast food.) No cares, it's good and it's bad for you. Why not?

2) Veggie works burrito at Del Taco. Healthy, right? Just has cheese and sour cream. But not meat. (Or 'meat like' substance.)

3) Entenmann's donuts. Just like Nana used to buy for me. Disgusting. And with those rabbit pellets on top -- what the hell are those things? Tastes good, though. Hard to find but lesser Vons are known to carry them.

4) Casa Vega. Food is terrible but the lighting is great for a first date. And look at those porn stars. Wonder what they're ordering...

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  1. Speaking of Jack in the Box, a creation my friends invented. I present the Sourdough Taco Jack. Take one of the two tacos for 99 cents and insert it into a regular Sourdough Jack. Commence eating. Greasy, heart-stopping bliss.

    1. Get yourself to Oki Dog on Fairfax: two hot dogs, pastrami, and God knows what else wrapped up in a flour tortilla. It's a nitrate- and cholesterol-laden death bomb served in the seediest little shack imaginable... but it may be right up your alley.

      I unfortunately don't live in LA anymore and tend to eat mostly vegetarian-- but I still think about those dogs sometimes!

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      1. re: Piglet

        that "what else" in the Oki Dog is chili.

        1. re: Piglet

          I was trying to describe an Okie dog to my children, you did much better than I did!

        2. El Cholo for me! I know it's not remotely authentic, but that orange cheese atop gloopy refried beans is comfort food to me.

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          1. re: mollyomormon

            back before allergies hit, there was nothing quite as satisfying as the annual trek down to the El Cholo on Western for green corn tamales during the summer. ah, nostalgia of the tongue.

          2. I also love the Entemann's donut with the rabbit pellets ( i don't know what those things are)
            Stan's donuts - peanut butter and banana or cinnamon chocolate cheese
            McDonald's- double cheeseburger
            Hot Dog on a stick - cheese on a stick

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            1. re: ultraviolet

              we called those Entenmann's "Noogie" donuts when i was a kid. from what i can figure, i think it must have come from someone's mispronunciation of the word "nugget." whatever you call them, the chocolate ones ROCKED!

            2. So many things! Moon over My Hammies, Thrifty ice cream, Roscoes' fried chicken and waffles, I love to take off the skin, put in on the waffle, then slather it with hot sauce AND syrup, soooo good when you're drunk.

              And yes, from time to time, I will go to TODAI! Am I officially banned?